Monday, September 1, 2014

Starting Again.

Coming back to school felt so different this time around, mostly because I feel different.
 I drove to school this time around whereas all my undergrad years I had strategically packed all of my belongings into Southwests' two baggage limit.My dad and I left home early one morning at around 4:30am, and I'll admit I was feeling a little apprehensive. I can trace the moment I started to get excited about moving back to Provo to when I saw this sign somewhere along 1-15 in Southern Utah.
This is home for the next year. 
It's been surprising how detached I am from main campus.
I don't know how to feel about that exactly?
Hna Duchene (we served together, but never really near each other) & I getting our keys for our carrels. Carrels are assigned study desks, but I really like to think of them of the grown up version of the lockers in High School.
Sometimes, we go to fancy pants events like the Founder's Day dinner at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake. Steve Young spoke this year, but the highlight of my night was definitely going up to say "hi" to Elder Dallin H. Oaks and Elder Callister. I was flustered throughout it all, and I couldn't tell you for the life of me what I said. I just hope whatever I said was somewhat coherent.

Everything about law school feels so right, and I am so grateful for the constant feelings of certification that I have had this week that I am exactly where I need to be. This is so very different from undergrad. Our 1L classes are assigned to us (this semester I have Torts, Legal Research & Writing, Property, Contracts, and two electives), much like high school. 

We're all placed into these sections of about 25 people for our Legal Research & Writing (LR&W) class and then we have all our classes with our section. Our professors like to say that our LR&W class is like our homeroom class, and they constantly are telling us that these people will become our best friends for the next three years.With how much time we spend with one  another, that's pretty easy to believe! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

The St. John's.

You'll hear me say often that my companions were my absolute favorite part of my mission. I love them and the experiences I had with them above anything else (actually, my Mission President & his wife fall into that category along with Hno Pomeroy). I made a pact with myself, or goal if you will, that I wanted to visit/get in contact with the families of my companions to let them know just how amazing their sister missionaries were! (Just a couple of weeks ago, I met the Rogers)

This Sunday I had the blessing to meet the St. John's/Cables. I LOVE THEM! If you remember Hna St. John was my companion in Baytown and she had just got done with training when we got put together. As I drove to Bountiful Sunday afternoon, I put in me and Hna St. John's favorite CD and tried to make a mental note of all the great stories I could share with her family. I was so happy to be at a dinner table with them, and I know all of our thoughts were turned to Katelyn that night.

I will forever be grateful for my mission, and even more especially so for my companions.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

24th birthday.

I could think of no better way than to celebrate my 24th birthday with:
& good nachos.
So that's exactly what we did.
^^this was the best of my cousin selfie attempts.^^
^^FYI Angels stadium has refillable popcorn which we decided tasted better than Petco Park (sorry, Padres), but no refillable soda (Petco Park wins on that front)^^
^^The nachos may have cost $15, but they are delicious and appropriately loaded with toppings. It's also a plus that the cap is deep, so you basically get your money's worth.^^
birthday presents from my parents this year. practical, & enjoyable. 
1. makeup wipes, 2. eos lip balm (Utah's dry air is brutal on the lips) 3. oil absorbing wipes 4. Nixon the Unit 40 watch (I was in need of a digital watching seeing as how I had TWO break on the mission) 5. The Book Thief (I balled at the end of this movie, I'm hoping I can make it through the book) 6. A journal. Here's looking at you volume 16!
So, the little pad of paper in the photo before this one (the one with hearts on it) is actually a stack of $1 bills all crisp and bound together. Education quotes are conveniently interwoven in with the Washingtons (can you tell I have teachers for parents). A Pinterest creation brought to life by my mother. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

B.O.O.T camp.

I went to girls camp for the last time in 2008 (I also happened to have my 18th birthday while there) and I've been wanting to go back ever since. & so, I was thrilled beyond thrilled when I got called to be my ward's camp specialist when I got home from my mission. My mom serves as a counselor in the stake young women's presidency so it was equally amazing to see the whole thing unfold "behind-the-scenes" if you will.

The theme for camp was, "building our own testimony." I wish you all could have been there for the testimony meeting, the spirit was as thick in the air as it was on the mission.
I get to serve these two amazing girls. :] Mia & Tiana.
The Bishops were invited up one night to share a devotional with their ward group of girls and to bring them dessert, seeing as how our ward has two girls, they were spoiled. :]