Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Video...

It's a Living Legends tradition to create at least one music video each year.
& sure, I may be a little late in sharing this, 
but it was so fun making this and the memories behind it—unforgettable.
Enjoy the Living Legends' version of "Call Me Maybe."

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The other 10 days of Nauvoo...

So while I know that you all are SO sad that I didn't give you a play by play of the last 10 days of tour I give you now the condensed version.

1. We reenacted Warrior's Suite in Joseph Smith's Red brick store.

2. Had a rained out show & changed into our regalia in front of a statue of the first vision. (#scandalous)

3. Had a visit from my family.

4. Went into the Nauvoo temple twice!

5. Became missionaries in the Nauvoo mission and had the most amazing fireside with President and Sister Gilliland in the mission home.

7. Went on my first trek through the woods and plains surrounding Nauvoo.

We had our sights set on Salt Lake, but decided to take the airplane over the handcart route.

8. Attended a class at Nauvoo University and doodled an Azteca Teresa drawing on my chalkboard during our short lecture.

9. Performed at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL in the rotunda.

10. Had a wonderful final show!

11. Met a family from Veracruz, Mex who had the same last name as me! Relatives?

12. Shared the stage with hundreds of mayflies. 

13. Had my sweet tooth satisfied with visits to Annie's custard.

14. Finally got to take a picture in the corn fields after one of the rear tires of our bus blew out.

15. Had a mustache dance party on the moving sidewalks in the Denver airport 
(ignore the fact that our red shirts make us look pregnant)

16. Matched with my bests on the streets of Provo.