Friday, July 29, 2011

Yours Sincerely,

Snail mail always puts a smile on my face no matter who it's from. If I had things my way that would be the only way I'd communicate with friends. I love that when you read letters you can kind of hear the persons voice in your head.

Case in point: today I got an unexpected letter in the mail from a dear friend who just so happens to be from New Zealand. I could hear his accent as fresh as day as I read the letter to myself. It did kind of help though that all throughout the letters there were little kiwi colloquialisms like "that's mean as!", "slack!", "heaps of fun", or "I reckon." I wish I had cool colloquialisms to include in my letters.

Chances are, if you've ever written me a letter I have it stored away. I can't part with letters and it drives my mom nuts. I have a special box that I keep them all in & whenever I'm feeling down and out i'll pull it out and read some to myself. Sometimes I'll read a Christmas card in the summer!

So write me a letter.

All of my,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Colorado Springs, CO.

Our first stop in Colorado was Colorado Springs, just an hour and a half outside of Denver. We've almost all agreed that Colorado Springs was our favorite (Devin favors Denver). We visited the Air Force Academy (did you know they have an honor code there too?) and learned all about what it takes to be a cadet. demanding.

We also visited the Olympic training center & randomly met Olympic Athlete Rulon Gardner! We were kind of starstruck & it was the funniest thing because he also just so happens to be a member of the church.

Our day ended with dinner at Fargo's Pizza. I felt like I was in Disneyland at the Billy and the Hillbillies show. Their pizzas were covered by tomato and all kinds of delicious. We all loved it, but Devin turned out to be allergic to something in them and broke out in hives. Being the nice sister that I am, I didn't take pictures of that.

All of my ,

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Centennial State.

My family & I have spent the last week & a half in Colorful Colorado.
Colorado? YES!
Every time I told someone I was vacationing in Colorado
they would kind of scrunch up their face
& confusingly ask, "why?"

Why not?
CO fit the Flores Family travel criteria:
1. Has a Temple
2. Has a MLB team
Priorities, remember?

We had one of the best family vacationing trips ever.
Be prepared my lovelies to be showered with pictures from the trip.
[With probably more than you'll care for]

All of my ,

p.s. We're going to decide our next vacation destination on Monday. Any suggestions?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Placita Olvera.

My best friends & I decided that we're going to see LA this summer as tourists.
Olvera street, or "Placita Olvera" as every Mexican in Los Angeles refers to it, is known as the birthplace of LA. You can still visit the oldest house in Los Angeles there, built in 1818. Placita Olvera is full of Mexican culture and there are a ton of artisan crafts from just across the border that you can purchase.I will definitely be returning for some items for my apartment.We had lunch at La Golondrina.
Misden & I both ordered chicken & cheese flautas & they were divine.
Jeniffer's food also looked equally delicious, she ordered sopes.
Note to self: try those next time.

We also may or may not have paid a woman $1 each to dress in sombreros and pose with a life-sized plush donkey.
Best $1 I've ever spent.

All of my ,

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Celebrating America's birthday with baseball & fireworks

sunny skies, cool breezes, and dodger dogs.
what more do you need?

I love that the dodgers have embraced Mexican culture
& with that frequently refer to themselves as "Los Doyers."

I think America is pretty great.

Hope you had an amazing 4th!
It's my second favorite holiday right behind thanksgiving.

All of my ,

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I don't speak Samoan, but at the end if the night I knew one thing for sure

I want Polynesian dancers at my wedding.
I attended Celia & Wes' wedding reception last night. I've known Celia since my young women days and I can still remember the first time she told me she was dating Wes! I'm oh so happy for them. You know you're getting older when you get more invites for weddings rather than birthday parties. You would think though that after living around Polynesians for 20 years I would have picked up a little. I think I need to enroll in BYU's Samoan 101 class...

All of my ,