Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Elder Flores.

It may seem like I go home to Southern California all the time, but this year is just special.
My younger brother entered the Mexico MTC today!
Almost a year after I came home from the mission, there is another Flores family missionary out there. Although, my brother was accidentally given an "Elder Quesada" nametag. #twolastnameproblems #weremexican

I was only home for a little bit, but decorating my brother's farewell party, crying as he gave his farewell talk, being surrounded by our extended family of polynesians known as the LB7th ward, and helping my brother pack his things will be some of the memories that I hold on to and cherish these next two years.

Family mission pictures. My mom up top, me in the middle, and my dad below followed by photos of my brother. Funny story when my mom saw my mission tag she said, "oh! You found my mission tag. " I had to remind her that she was not Hna Flores when she served her mission.
Sis Vaifanua definitely thought the jarritos were alcoholic beverages! haha. :) She said they taste just like sodas they have in Samoa.
love ALL these people
On Sunday we had an "after-party" with a tour of Latin American foods complete with pupusas and chilean empanadas.
Devin took the same black carry-on that I used on my mission, and I gave him the plan of salvation visual aids I made along with my nifty all-in-one missionary pamphlets I made for myself on the mission. It just felt right to pass my "tools" (so to speak) on.