Tuesday, January 31, 2012

SoCal Tour: Day 1 Provo to Irvine,CA

We started this tour Monday morning as most of our tours do at 6:30 am in the RB parking lot. It may have been really early, but you could just feel the excitement for tour in the air. We had a sweet high-tech bus equipped with wi-fi & poweroutlets. This made it so that we could actually do homework & watch the occasional movie on netflix. Much needed on a 10 hr or so bus ride.

We made a stop in St. George to pick up our traditional tour lunches of sandwiches from Brick Oven Pizza. I always go for the California Crossaint. Muy bueno. We didn't make the traditional California roadtrip in Las Vegas—we were on a mission to get to Irvine,CA in time for our fireside/outreach.

On the bus we chose "secret pals." We each draw a name and throughout the course of tour we do nice things for our secret pals. Funny enough, Daniela (mejor amiga) who was sitting next to me on the bus, picked out my name. Now she really has to be nice to me.

I got so happy when we reached recognizable glimpses of Los Angeles County. Luckily we didn't hit too much rush hour traffic and got to Irvine at about 4:oo p.m. We unpacked our things at the Orange Stake Center and got dressed in our fireside outfits. Shelly (mehlor amiga) had a little surprise awaiting her when she opened her luggage, her conditioner had exploded on all her tour clothes so we turned the ladies restroom into a makeshift laundrymat. #ratchetgirl

We were fed such great food! A pasta dish with sausage and salad and carrot cake for desert. Our fireside went well, you could definitely feel the spirit. Post fireside we gathered in the cultural hall & performed a couple of numbers from our show. Afterwards, the Polynesian section taught the YSAs dances from Hawaii & New Zealand. & then played latin music and grabbed partners and hit the dancefloor. We love having the opportunity to share our cultures with others.

Rachel B. Was my roommate & we stayed with the presenter's family. We love our host family so much! They have 5 kids who are so friendly and kind. We also especially loved them because they were BYU fans & Mexican. What more could you want?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Traditions of the Past.

We're headed to Southern California (my homeland!) on Monday for tour!
I couldn't be more thrilled!
I get asked all the time, "Just what exactly is Living Legends?"
So one night I fb'd Gracie and said, "hey. I like film. you like film. let's make a mini documentary on LL."
this is the result.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Latin section (& friends) Sunday dinner...

We had a little gathering of sorts at Katie's house. I've been missing my mom's Mexican cooking so I've been trying to compensate with Mexican meals on Sunday. It was a combined effort for tostadas. Si se puede! The meal was ON POINT & hit the spot. & I got to meet my melhor amiga Shelly's little sister. There were plenty of laughs (we're latin), tons of spanglish (we're latin), and tasty food (did I mention we're latin). I also got to try Peruvian style Arroz con leche (thanks eli!). & C-Los brought corn.

I love my culture.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

spoon it up!

#42 Eat @ every fro-yo place

Spoon it up!
getting a little fro-yo happy.Brandon making messes.Shelly & her boyfriennnn.Skyping with mejor amigo Eric all the way in Canada!love them.Pomegranate + pumpkin pie. Shells & I got the same. #twins
melhor amiga & mejor amiga
Alex, stealing decorations.
We're committed to the bucketlist and sticking to our newly created tradition! This monday (MLK day!) Daniela & I hit up Spoon it up! by J-Dawgs on 700E. We had a couple of people join us, nbd. (Carlos & Mario not pictured) Living Legends basically took over. We're recruiting people as we go to join us in our quest to visit every fro-yo place in the BYU area.

Spoon it up: swanky atmosphere, convenient location to campus, big variety of flavors, small assortment of toppings, BUT sorry to say a lot of watery flavors #nobueno

on to the next one.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Evanston, WY

1. Mejor amiga Daniela & I on the bus. 2. A colorful collection of gum in the classroom we were staying at. 3. Homework parties on tour 4. Sarah & Sam practicing their song 5 & 6 backstage during the outreach. 7. Singing Ko Tenei Te Wa 8. Trying on other sections costumes for a future surprise. 9. Cafe Rio dinner provided by our lovely sponsors. 10.Opener

I had a performance in Evanston, WY this weekend. I had never been to Wyoming before—granted I mostly stayed inside of Davis Middle School. It was the first time we had performed since 4 Corners Tour. It was a different experience this time around, we had a couple of friends join us on this tour to help out.
We're determined to make our California shows even 10 x better.

Monday, January 9, 2012

earthfruits yogurt.

#42 Eat @ every fro-yo place

earthfruits yogurt
notice how the bucketlist item has not been crossed off. This is because, I still have yet to visit every fro-yo place in the BYU area. Honestly, I hadn't had too much fro-yo lately. Mi mejor amiga Daniela & I decided to change this. Enter the new Monday/Lauren & Daniela FHE tradition: go out for fro-yo after practice.

first place. Earthfruits yogurt.

we liked earth fruits. they recycle. they have more toppings than i've ever seen at a fro-yo place (including different flavored mochi #winning). and they have chronicles of narnia playing so you can watch while you eat (♥). the only downside, maybe it was just the day, some of the yogurt came out mildly watery. just barely though.

i had the acai blueberry mixed with the amazon chocolate (dark chocolate love).

i'm really looking forward to future fro-yo adventures.