Sunday, October 31, 2010

a happy thought halloween party.

Happy Halloween.

My roommates & fellow BYU-ers make fun of me because I pronounce it (Hollow-ween instead of HAllow-ween).
I haven't blogged in a while & so many amazing things have happened in the time being!
Some which I don't have pictures for (front row at Shakira concert :[ )
201 threw it's first party on Thursday! We made it a semi-neverland theme since we had decided to dress up as characters from peter pan!
This didn't exactly go as plan when Tiffany's costume (captain hook) didn't arrive because she didn't specify her shipping address was different from her billing address. oy vey.
Darrian was peter-pan, Jenny was wendy, and I was Tigerlily.
I got to see friends from freshman year, Lafayette 27, and even friends from Merída!
It was quite a success and post party we started planning our next event, an ugly christmas sweater party.










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Saturday, October 16, 2010

a documentary & a reunion of sorts.

A Tongan boy in my ward (church congregation) back home told me a bit of advice his father had given him.
He said, "son, marry a Mexican girl because if you do, you'll come home to good cooking everyday."
Wise, wise man.
It's kind of in a Mexican girl's blood to be a good cook. It's not like we're trained or go to school for it, it just comes to us naturally; kind of like Polynesians are born with great vocals. It's a gift God blessed our culture with.

I held fiesta's last year, and my former roommate Chelsea asked if she could film me making a dish I had never made before and a dish that represented my culture. I chose Pan de Muertos seeing as it is the Halloween season. I'll admit, I was nervous, but it turned out AMAZING. It was perfect. We have nicknamed it the orange-rootbeer bread because it's made with orange zest & anise seed, which smells exactly like old fashioned rootbeer. weird?

It was a long process, but well worth it, & it was felt so good to see my old roomies!

the line-up.




the filmmaker.



Hope your Saturday was just as fun filled!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

crunchy waffles drinking syrup.


I had a big dilemma with myself today when it came to breakfast. I could either, have buttermilk waffles, or a pumpkin smash from jamba. I promise, it was a really hard decision, but ultimately it came down to the matter of saving money. PLUS, on a rainy-grey day like this, I very much prefer hot warm breakfasts over cold slurpee-like drinks.

Have a glorious weekend!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

general conference traditions.

CIMG1210-pola IMG_1134-pola

IMG_1150-pola IMG_1095-pola

IMG_1094-pola IMG_1083-pola

IMG_1249-pola IMG_1105-pola

IMG_1102-pola IMG_1096-pola

Every April & October, my mom & uncle Job fly out for a general conference brother-sister trip.
I can't even remember how far back this tradition goes.
Sometimes my brothers come along for the adventure & since I just so happen to be going to school in Provo, I get to join in on the festivities.
We tend to go to every session of general conference! It's such a blessing and it has strengthened my testimony greatly.
Within this tradition, there's other family traditions that make this one of my favorite times of the year.

Tradition #1.
We ALWAYS have a family dinner at PF Chang's. Our family tends to take up at least 3 tables and we're kind of loud, but, we just love to have a good time! Unfortunately, I didn't get to go this time, school kind of had a hold on me.

Tradition #2.
We used to have "bishop burgers" at my Tía María Luisa's house after priesthood session, but my uncle is currently serving as a mission president in Guatemala. In the place of "bishop burgers" we have pizza parties in our embassy suites hotel rooms. We don't just have any pizza party, we have a PIE pizza party.

Tradition #3.
After Sunday afternoon session, we gather at my prima Magos' house for a thanksgiving type feast.

Did I mention I my family?

Do you have any awesome general conference traditions? Share please!

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