Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mexico is wonderful, but mostly Mexico is a reality check. It reminds me of how blessed and fortunate I am to be in my particular circumstances.
I had an amazing opportunity today to visit primaries in little branches nearby Celestun, Mexico. These church members literally meet in houses and I was deeply humbled. A meeting house for church is something that I usually take for granted and while I knew that branches holding their meetings in homes existed, it was never a reality for me. The faith of these members was out of this world and a big part of me just wanted to move to the pueblito and live right there with them.
The children were amazing. I absolutely adore little kids, anyone who knows me personally can attest to this fact. They are my favorite and I could talk to them for hours. We got to play games with the kids and give them toys and soda and snacks. I wanted to pack them in my suitcase with me. This trip inspired me and definitely added to my testimony.
wishing you inspiration.
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mum's the word.

fun fact: I cried when my mom cut her hair that short. :]

My mother is my best friend. She is the perfect combination of patient parent and nurturer. I don't believe in the phrase "my mom is the best." There is no best mom, there is simply, the perfect mother for me. I truly believe that everyone's mom is the "best mom" for them. Being in the same family is no coincidence.

I will forever be grateful for the influence of my Mother in my life. She understands me and loves me unconditionally, but she also knows just when to lay down the law. In the recent years, I've had more and more people, especially at church tell me that I have a wonderful mother and believe me I know. My mom is the greatest example in my life and she is passing down to me some pretty big shoes to fill along with a legacy of patience and love.

As the years have gone by, I've realized more and more that Mother's day is a holiday for everyone. Sure, only mother's are publicly recognized, but for me it's more of a thanksgiving-ish holiday where I can express thanks and reflect on blessings on the wonderful women who have shaped my life.

To all the mothers in the world, may you enjoy your day and may you keep being wonderful.

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Friday, May 7, 2010


I've always wanted to have a book club.Whenever I'm online, I search for one I could join.I kind of gave up on my search and instead, came up with the bright idea of starting my own.So far the membership includes me & my mother. :]

She's kind of the best.

We were originally going to start with pride & prejudice, but since they didn't have it at the airport bookstore, instead we delayed that thought and went with "The Time Traveler's Wife."
This book was recommended to me by one of my best friend's Alyssa Pearl.

If you want to join us, feel free! This week we're reading Chapter 1. I'm exc
ited. I kind of have a problem though, when I read a book, I dedicate my time to the book completely. I'll do nothing else but read the book during the day. Hopefully having paced reading assignments will cure my disease.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

the hiatus is over.

I'm kind of having the time of my life in Mexico.
The city is bursting with life & I have new adventures everday, it's never a dull moment.
Today while downtown in "El Centro," we stumbled upon this modern art museum, a true hidden gem.
Art is definitely on the favorite list and art from Mexican culture. Brilliant.

maya mural

3 heads trees


room of paintings

waves painting