Saturday, February 19, 2011

I can't even believe that...

Mi hermano Devin J. turns 16 today!
I wish I were at home to celebrate especially with this being a three-day weekend & all.
My brother's going through his "cool" phase right now.
& I call him out on it all the time — I feel like it's part of my big sister duties.

But he deff has a ton of swaggggg.
Devin is always there for me no matter what & it's his unmatchable kindness that has helped shape me into who I am today.
He's one of the most humble people I know & he keeps me grounded.

Happy Birthday DJ!

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Zsa Zsa

zap rowsdower.

I had a roommate reunion ( + Michael) last night!

& we watched MST3K's "The Final Sacrifice" (fav.)
It was also a mini celebration for Jenessa who just got her mission call to Romania!

and aren't our mustaches cute? :]
(we were inspired by our fav. super hero Zap Rowsdower—look him up...)

I have the greatest friends...

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Friday, February 18, 2011

the guts of the creative process.

i love my minor. (Editing — one of the three)
Mostly because I get to do awesome final projects about things that I love.
Take for example, the project I proposed for my Modern American Usage class:
A Usage Dictionary on terms used by the lyrical genius, Jay-Z.

I love Jay-Z.
like big time.

best rapper alive? I think so.
& him and Beyonce are my favorite hollywood power couple.
so for the next couple of weeks, I'll be spending a lot of time analyzing Jay-Z's songs.
Trying to come up with definitions for the phrases and slang that make his music so wonderful.
And I get to do this for a project for school? Talk about blessed.

This track above happens to be me & my bffl Jeniffer's theme song right thurrr. enjoy.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Somedays you need a pick-me-up...

i love my twin.
Especially when I wake up to see cute little text messages from her.
She makes me happy when skies are grey.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Everybody's gonna love today ♥.

Happy V-day!
It's like the world gets just a bit lovelier on this day.
There were chalk drawings on the sidewalk & hearts on so many windows as I headed to school.
& the weather, the weather was so great, the sunshine was like Provo's valentine day gift
to me.
Our apartment threw another lovely little party on Friday.
It was probably the most packed party we've ever had, we had a live band, random people stop by, a cupid contest & a kissing booth made by yours truly. ♥
sad day though — I didn't get one picture in it. :[

Our apartment kind of really loves throwing parties, St. Patty's day can't come soon enough.

p.s. thanks so much to all of you who have been showing me blog love both online & in person, it means the world to me.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen...

is so bueno & also happens to be today's feliz friday!
:] it's been only a week since I last went, but I still miss it.
I kind of like to be a rebel though; I almost never get pizza when I go there.
Barbecue chicken salad anyone? (with avocado)
My family actually has a tradition surrounding CPK.
Every time my mom drops me off in Utah before fall semester, we make sure to grab lunch at the CPK
in the gateway.
Next time you're there, make sure to try their cheesy artichoke dip,
iiiis thee beeeeest.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"HW" fiesta.

I went to a 12/13 (aka just Matty G) HW party last night. It had been a minute since I had made an appearance at one of these things. According to those present at this homework party I scared all the chicas away. I promise I'm not an intimidating person, not in the least...

I was a bit of a distraction though (oops) but, chances are if you put Matty G & I together in a room, we'll talk nonstop for hours. I did let him finish his essay on dinosaurs though
[ is archaeopteryx a dinosaur or a bird?] , just 30 min before the deadline (procrastination at it's finest).

p.s. it's Josh's feliz birthday today! :] I'm so blessed to have such an awesome friend in my vida.
We have awesome times together. We drink awesome shooters, listen to awesome music, and then just sit around and soak up each others awesomeness.

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