Thursday, May 29, 2014

on being reunited & loving Juli.

When I was on the mission, I would get these sporadic lengthy, hilarious novels of a letter. They were too good to keep to myself so I would read them to companions they were about world travels to Indonesia, and rides on elephants, and running marathons, and shopping for climbing gear, and diving for lobster at night. There's nothing like a good letter from your Mejor Amiga to put a smile on your face.

While I've been gone Daniela's been traveling the world stopping sex trafficking in faraway places and doing desert drop offs of supplies for immigrants crossing the border. Oh & on top of that she's been working on double mastering at USC in social work and public health.

To say that I like to surround myself with inspiring people--kind of an understatement.

Being reunited with this girl has definitely been one of the greatest things about being home.

^^this picture taken moments after being reunited after 18 months. 
^^ of course we somehow magically coordinated our shoe color. Typical.

Only days after I came home we were able to score some free tickets to go see our favorite artist, Julieta Venegas, in downtown Hollywood. Juli is such a rockstar and when she whips out her accordion, there's no stopping her! (Please ignore the fact that this event was sponsored by Jack Daniel's, we sure did)

If you're new to Juli, may I suggest Andar ConmigoRevolución, Bien O Mal, & Me Voy.
Ok, basically everything this woman writes is great, so just listen to all of it.

Here's to more future best friend adventures!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Boiling Crab.

I was looking at all the things I've posted since I've been home and realized, everything revolves around my mission. There are worse things to be obsessed with! & I promise, I'm coping. I'm doing normal things. I like normal life.

kind of.

Last week I went out to The Boiling Crab with some High School friends. I think something must have happened to my taste buds down south, because I came back liking seafood. Okay, just shrimp. I still can't stomach the idea of oysters or squid or octopus.

I was a first timer at the Boiling Crab! It's literally a hands on experience. We're talking no utensils, bibs, and parchment covered tables. We joked, that it may not be the best place to take someone on their first date.

Favorite thing about the place, there was little pieces of my home away from home, a neon sign that said, "Louisiana Crawfish", gumbo, cajun decor. I can't help that things that remind me of my mission just find their way of creeping into my life...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

It hasn't even been two months...

But, I had to get myself back to T.H.E Mission. It was a spontaneous kind of trip. I think Daniela's ways of making travel plans in an 11th hour kind of fashion is really starting to rub off on me. Mostly, I went down for Dionicio's baptism. 

If you remember, I was transferred to Lake Charles, LA the last three months of my mission and switched to serve English speaking. While I may have been called to speak English, I actually ended up teaching a good amount of Spanish-speaking lessons. 

The Lord's hand is in all things.

The baptism was wonderful, it actually turned out to be quite the bilingual baptism because the daughter of a semi Spanish speaking family in the ward also was baptized. I felt like I had never left. & I'm so grateful that I was able to return sooner rather than later.

While in Lake Charles I HAD to make a stop at Tony's Pizza with Melissa (<3). Kind of embarrassing, but the workers definitely recognized me. Guess that goes to show how much my companions & I enjoyed it there.
^^Showed my mother around town stopping at all the cutest little shops in the area.^^

^^added my own entry on the local, "Before I die I want to..." wall.
^^Tried to fill up that empty place in my stomach that had been missing bluebell!
^^Went to Melissa's softball game. They ended with a home run!

Sunday & Monday were spent in lovely Pasadena & Baytown texas. I left little pieces of my soul in those places.  
^^I got to see 4 out of 5 of my companions out in the field! :) So grateful considering Sis Muñoz^^
doesn't get back till next January! (saddest thing!)
Oh & if you thought my awkward missionary photo days were over...
they're not.

Let's do this again soon Tejas/Louisiana!