Thursday, March 31, 2011

Currently missing...

This FACE.

PFB. Carlitos. Papá.
He's the only member of my family that isn't here for general conference this weekend
& I miss him dearly.

He has an awesome accent where he pronounces fruit as "fru-eat."
& he likes to run around with our underwear on his head.

& at random times throughout the day he'll start mourning for the loss of Michael Jackson by running to different rooms in our house and screaming at the top of his lungs:
& if you happen to live by me, on some special occassions in the wee hours of the morning you can hear him scream:
"¡Buenos días, buenos noches!"
I'm talking at like 5am in the morning.

He's kind of a funny guy.
& I love his face.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

feliz día del hump.


— Visiting Provo 7th ward (Polynesian ward) also known as my LB7th away from home.
— Getting my term paper for grammar shortened & moved to be due the last day of class.
— Running into my best friend on the way to work

— Having FHE with my family & the missionaries over skype

— Hottub Tuesday

— Home teachers & visiting teachers bringing apple pie & ice cream to my friends that aren't my
roommates but that I live with.

— Impromptu sleepovers

— Kill shot-ing a certain apartment whenever I pass by


— Going to all 4 sessions of General Conference
— The possibility of a hottub Thursday
— A dinner date with my favorite Tongan
— Easter outfit shopping
— Signing a contract for next year at the cutest place everrrr. (Amazing ward headed my way!)
— Scheming with newsroom friends about making certain stories happen.
— Introducing the familia to India Palace
— Mom & brochachos coming into SLC.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hire me.

We spruced up our résumés in my multimedia journalism class. Mine is already pretty design oriented so, instead, I made this cover sheet for my portfolio. I've been using this color scheme on everything I do lately (blog, cover letter, resume, this, other random projects...) It's kind of my new favorite thing.

ps. I changed all of my important info. So don't try and stalk me because if you call that number & go to that address, I won't be there.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ho'oilina Küpuna

This year's Lu'au theme was, "Living the Legacy of our Ancestors." I really like it when performances have a story to them, especially performances I'm a part of. I danced Tahiti & New Zealand section this year. I prayed to the poi ball gods to bless with the gift of coordination. I'm not so sure it helped, but at least my poi ball didn't fly off the stage! I consider that a victory.

I love poly culture so much because it's what's familiar to me; It's what I grew up with. & if I get to dress in awesome costumes & get a great workout from four-hours of dancing every Saturday; I'm especially down. I can't even believe Lu'au is over, next year's will be even bigger & better.

[Definitely what we look like 24/7 back stage.

[Pu'a & JoJo finally embraced their culture and danced this year!]

Dana-Face. He's forever hatin' on me. :]

[My other roomies♥]

From now on,I'm calling him by his middle name, Aloa.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

No life, without wife!

1. Hare Hare Krishna (aka The Festival of COLORS)
Every spring, a little bit of that Indian culture comes alive at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork. I was a first timer & I fell in love. Admission is free which is always super nice & then we bought packets of magical colored powder. I chose a neon pink & yellow! Let me just warn you though, the powder, it doesn't taste all that yummy. It's like what I would imagine flour to taste like, super gross. Throwing colors is like a food fight without restrictions, BUT even better because the colors look amazing. & as if throwing powdered colors wasn't enough, they had LLAMAS! Ey pacha? I think powdered color is the look for me. Who needs makeup?

Post festival of colors, we hit up India Palace. I ordered Mango chicken, mango lassi, and naan. I ordered it super spicy and the Indian waiter kind of laughed at me and shook his head as if saying, "she has no idea what she's getting herself into..." Pffft. Apparently he doesn't know my taste buds though. The food took 40 min to get to our table & only took 10 min to disappear. Food coma? Totally worth it though.

We then went home & watched my all time favorite version of Pride & Prejudice... Bride & Prejudice.

I love indian culture!
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

BYU Bucket list

Since I'm graduating soon...
I thought it only appropriate to have a BYU Bucket list.

Effective as of HOY. ♥,
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

follow the glittery road to...

The Monster Ball.

Put your paws up if you're a Lady Gaga fan! Hollah. I took a trip down to Salt Lake this past weekend with Audrey & my
sister Esmeralda to see mother monster herself. It was Wasa's (Esme) first concert EVER. Who better to see for your first concert than Gaga right? Lady Gaga is a creative genius & there were so many little monsters decked out in their best gaga-esque attire. I kept wishing my hair was longer so I could pin it up into a bow.

I could not get over the mix of the audience at the concert. Just sitting near us there were drag queens, starstruck tweens, super obese couples and a family of five. That's when you know you're seeing an icon. I think my favorite number as far as the concert goes was Paparazzi. Gaga's outfit for that number was gorgeous & she had this huge monster puppet following her around.

Seriously, the only thing that would have made this concert better was if Beyonce herself would have run on stage for telephone. That would have been
too good.

I can't wait till my next concert!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


is the first night of BYU Lu'au 2011.
It's my third year participating.
Lu'au is put on every year by
Multicultural Student Services & proceeds go towards the scholarships that MSS gives out every year.
I've been awarded full tuition every year & so participating is kind of my way of saying, "thank you."
AND, did I mention it's super fun?
It helps me to not miss my days in LB 7th ward too much & get in touch with my Polynesian roots.

Tonga. 2009

Hawaii. 2009
Hope you can make it!
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