Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pasadena for six more weeks.

This kind of seems like the longest week. Not because it was full of horrible things, but because SO much happened this week. I started my week in a different area. I went on exchanges in South Houston! It was so fun to just leave my area and explore a different part of the mission. & the best thing was that my companion was Hermana Bigelow who I just so happen to have known before the mission. Hermana Bigelow was my roommate from Freshman year, Katie Neff's, best friend from high school. Hermana Bigelow and I spent the entire day walking, our goal was to talk to EVERY single person we saw on the streets. On our walk we talked about how crazy it was that we were in the same mission. Who would have thought four years ago when we were both just starting college that we would end up roaming the streets of South Houston together and sharing with people the most important message of their lives? Just to give you a quick rundown on my Mon-Tuesday We: left the mission boundaries for a dentist appointment, found a coffin for sale, ate pizza, learned to crack and identify pecans while contacting a woman, tried Whataburger, found a dead butterfly on the sidewalk, found a pair of lost keys (& then used that as a way to contact someone...sneaky), taught a lesson on the plan of salvation, had some super great Mexican food, and walked so much the soles of our feet were sore for the next day. It was such a great two days and I can't wait till I get the chance to actually serve with her!
   In other news, I'm oficially staying in Pasadena for another six weeks. I survived transfer calls. Normally, a new missionary stays with their trainer for 12 weeks, but since I'm fluent in Spanish and I was in a trio, my chances of being transferred were really 50/50. There was actually a really good chance that I was going to be switched to an English area because there's not enough English sisters. But, alas I'm still here and I'm so happy. I love my companions, and this means that I get to be in Pasadena for Victoria's baptism. No one in our entire zone is getting transferred with the exception of Elder Facer ( who was in our district, but was a zone leader and has been called to be Assistant to the Mission President).
   This week we really focused on finding through all methods possible, we went through and looked at teaching records of people who have previously been taught by the missionaries, we went knocking, we've been asking for referrals, and we've been visiting less actives. We were really excited that two of our less actives who we had been trying desperately to have a lesson with showed up at church this Sunday. & that was a miracle considering it was pouring pouring rain (I'm definitely going to need to buy rainboots). We are going to continue to work hard, especially with less actives. If anything, my mission has given me the desire to NEVER ever miss a month of visiting teaching again. Seriously.
I love you all.
Sorry this was an all over the place letter.
Con todo mi amor,
la hermanita flores

                                                 My healthier purchases for the week.
Coffin for sale, only in Texas.


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