Sunday, December 9, 2012


We had our first snow day this week. Not snow day in the literal sense, but in the sense that Hna. Maughan was really sick this week and so we stayed inside Tuesday. I don't feel guilty about saying that it was super great to have a down day, not super great circumstances but still. I got to organizing our area book, I made a ward positions list, zone directory, and updated teaching records. I also may or may not have made my planners for the next two transfers, and worked with Hna. Canova to plan the skit we're in charge of for the ward Christmas Party this Friday. So while we were inside, we were still productive! & Maritza (she's the ward member who fellowshipped Veronica) brought us dinner: breaded chicken, colselaw, rice, and potato salad. We LOVE her.
There are only two weeks left in this transfer. In two weeks time, there is only one certain thing Hna. Maughan is going home, the up in the air part is who will be staying in Pasadena to take over the area, Hna. Canova, Me, or the both of us. We were speculating one car ride this week and wrote on a paper our "transferology" predictions. We wrote down the names of all the Hna Areas in the mission, along with the names of all the Hnas serving and made our predictions about who's getting transferred where. It was so great. I'll send a picture next week. Hna. Canova thinks she's staying, Hna. Maughan thinks I'm staying and training, Hna. Flores, well I'm not quite sure, but for the sake of transferology, I put I was staying.
As silly and as MASH-like (anyone remember that game from their elem school days?) as it was. Trasferology really helped me put things into perspective. 1. My trainer is leaving, 2. I possibly have only two weeks left in the area. I started compiling a list of mission dreams, ex. I really really really want to serve in Louisiana, but there currently isn't an Hna area out there. I also reflected on what can I do to leave my area better than I found it. Well, for one thing, our companionship brought a new member to the area! I want to clean out the area book as much as I can, and ultimately I want to leave behind for this ward a well-thought-out well-put-together ward mission plan. So in district meeting we brainstormed intitiatives and activities that the ward can do to better help the missionary work progress. Remember my letter about legacies, well in a cheeseball way I was thinking, what do I want our companionship's legacy to be. WMP=not words per minute. Ward Mission Plan.
I love my area, even with all of it's challenges. So many of the missionaries (mostly all) serving in this area have said that this has been thee toughest area in their mission. If that's the case, it all goes uphill from here! I love this area dearly though, I've fallen in love with the ward members and their quirks, and with all Pasadena has to offer, even stinky vince bayou. I love you all!
P.s. A little bird emailed me & told me that congrats are due for T.Betti on her mission call to the Texas McAllen Mission.
The South welcomes you! :) I'm so happy and proud of that girl!
Con todo mi amor,
La Hnita Flores


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