Saturday, September 7, 2013

Going home earlier than expected...

I just got done with having some of Sis Crawford's take on the cafe rio pork barbacoa salad. So delicious. I'm emailing today from the library in Kingwood, definitely a classy establishment. The libraries were closed yesterday, and we had MLC today so here I am. I got some worthwhile news this week. I will be coming home the last week in....JANUARY!!! As in I-won't-even-have-hit-17-months-yet. Yeah. Weird. That's just kind of how it worked out, and two weeks from my mission have been cut (MTC stay change, no going into the MTC on Christmas). I am kind of really happy about it though, I needed for this to happen for school and such, and this gives me more time in California before I have to head off to school. I hit my 12 month mark. yes, 12 months on Thursday. To think that I only have 4 and something months after that is kind of exhilarating. 

We had sisters training this week in Beaumont. Before my trainer left she gave me the addresses to all the chapels in the mission that I would ever "have to go to." I remember asking her, "what about this chapel?" and her answering back, "oh you'll never have to go there." Here, I am three chapels added to the list later. :) Besides the point, but Jess I kind of chuckled thinking about you. At sister's training I bore my testimony on how I have been able to recognize that the Lord has magnified my talents to bless the lives of others, but he has magnified my weaknesses to bless my own. 

I have been changed on the path of discipleship. I feel blessed beyond expression for my chance to serve as a missionary. There is no where I'd rather be right now than sitting in a light mint green library, sitting next to a young man rocking back and forth as he reads about "blu-ray discs" on wikipedia, NOT that I was looking. :) I watched these, "Introduction to Mormons" videos that the church just came out with, and I was just flooded with happiness. I felt like Heavenly Father's favorite child, and I just wanted to tell everyone, "I love my life!" These videos are so great. They explain how the church is organized, how important families are, how beautiful temple square is, and how important education is. I have never wanted to have access to a facebook account as badly as when I watched these videos. So please, post them in proxy for me. :) 

I am planning on being a powerhouse these last 4 and something months I have left. It is definitely a lot less time than I thought I had, but as my mission president is NOTORIOUS for saying, "we'll make it fit!"

I love y'all.
Hna Flores
Baytown hnas & sisters. Sis Haynie and I are still NOT companions. :/ BUT, we're STLs for the zone so, the next best thing. 
The Elders imitating us for how happy we were to get ice cream. rude. 
Bayberty (Baytown-Liberty) zone leadership unity. Galaxy themed planner decoration. classy. 


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