Monday, February 23, 2015

A trip home.

When you're at BYU law school, you get this really cool thing called "placement break" where you get a week off of school. Usually this break is for students to go and interview at difference places for internships in the summer, but since I already have my internship for the summer I decided to go home for the week. 
It was my brother Devin's birthday week, so on Sunday we had birthday cake complete with candles with colored flames.
It's Devin's last birthday home before he leaves on his mission.
Proof that I was actually there.
Ezra and I didn't get the Mickey Shirt memo.
On Monday, we went to Knotts Berry Farm.
& I definitely had my share of burgers during the week. Burger #1—Johnny Rockets

Papa and I ordered the same burger. Named after my mission city, "the Houston."
I met up with my high school friends!
& had burger #2 at Fronks

We went to celebrate Devin's birthday at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour. It's become kind of a family favorite.
I ordered the Ice Cream Nachos (again!).
They sang Devin a birthday song to the tune of Indiana Jones.
& gave him a complimentary Ice Cream Sundae, that went to little Sammy.

He was really excited about the candle and cherry, but definitely more excited about the Sundae.

Little Jesse was recognized by the restaurant for finishing their infamous "pigs trough."

My visit was even more special because Devin got to go through the temple. Newport beach has kind of become our family's temple.
Afterwards, we went to Islands where I got burger #3.

Family, thank you for wonderful week home!


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