Sunday, April 30, 2017

Elder Flores' homecoming.

In honor of Devin's first full day in Provo, I thought this might be an appropriate time to finally post pictures from his homecoming last month. Better late than never, no? 😁 
It was a quick trip home. I flew to LAX midday Friday, and was back in time (mostly) for my 9:30 am Program Eval class. It was a weekend that included our out of town Flores family (which naturally meant we had homemade pupusas), too many sweets to mention, and a whole house filled with love. I'm grateful that my brother decided to serve a mission and serve wholeheartedly the people of Chile. 

& I'm overly excited for him to be joining me in Provo! We haven't attended the same school since the elementary days, so really the experience is quite overdue. Watch out Provo, we're adding a little more Compton flavor to this little college town.
One of my best friends has been making cakes since we were in high school, and she's gotten REALLY good. If you're in the LA area, and looking for someone to make a cake for any kind of event, I highly recommend her. Pretty sure I'm having her make my wedding cake. Find her work here!
My little-est Quesada cousin! She refers to me as her "best friend" and gives me the most hugs and love and gets really sad when she has to go home after spending time together.


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