Thursday, August 12, 2010


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I'm doing the unthinkable, some say impossible...
I'm going junk food free for an entire year.
I've gone through little stints like this before where I'll say no more junk food. FIN!
I can't count the times I've started my journal with something along the lines of , "no but really this time..."
It is for this reason that I'm making my challenge public.
The past times the junk food matter was private; I never told anyone and so I never did it.
This time, I'm making it a public announcement.
Junk food is just something that's completely unnessecary, it's the reason obesity t h r i v e s in the U.S.
It's tasty, I admit, but it sometimes makes my tummy feel funny.
If I ever give in to the pressure & "binge" I'm setting aside .50 and next year on August 11, 2011 whatever money I've collected, I'm donating it.
I wanted to donate it to a charity that fights obesity, but I couldn't find one, so I'm thinking now of using the money to donate it for malnurished kids in Latin America.
I think it's kind of funny how we always use the phrase, "there are hungry kids in Africa who would kill to be eating your left overs." But really, there's hungry kids everywhere.
Wish me luck!
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Brooke Self said...

This is cool. I'm not sure I could do it! Especially as a college student who eats out like everyday! But I commend you for doing this. You are HARDCORE. ;)

how charming said...

that is awesome. it gets easier and easier, don't give up!

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