Saturday, September 10, 2011

4 Corners.

A big reason we wanted to visit Colorado was to see the ancient pueblos of Mesa Verde and to visit Four Corners — the only place in the United States where 4 states meet. Who says being in 4 places at once isn't possible.

I can still remember in 5th grade when we learned about 4 corners. It kind of blew my mind. 4 corners is located in Navajo country, 20 min outside of Cortez, CO. We took turns driving for 8 hours or so to get from Denver to Cortez, it was one of the most scenic roadtrips I've ever taken with the occasional crazy thunderstorm.

4 corners monument is located in the center and surrounded on all sides by booths (for lack of a better word). Each booth belongs to a different state and a different Indian tribe. I came to four corners knowing that I wanted to walk home with an awesome pair of turquoise earrings. It's kind of a tradition of mine to get a pair of turquoise earrings every time our family visits a historical Native American site. I love cultural jewelery more than anything else (it's really the only jewelery I even wear). I found the perfect pair too, I want to say that I purchased them on the Arizona side... The woman who sold them to me said that the symbol was called, "God's Eye" and comes from the Zuni tribe. (It's made out of coral and sleeping beauty turquoise. You can catch a glimpse of my earrings in one of my pictures)

anyway, there's a ton of Native American artisan crafts so much so that we wanted to buy the entire place... if only I had more money.

I was so glad to be able to finally satisfy my summer-long craving for a Navajo Taco. I eat one at least once a week while I'm here at school and have yet to find a place in Los Angeles that sells them. I also converted my family and turned them into Fry-bread lovers. It's my go to comfort food. The combination of warm fry bread with drizzled honey makes my mouth go crazy. I love that Native American culture plays such a huge part to the 4 Corners experience. When we were done we drove through the boonies of Utah to get back to our hotel in Colorado. I kept playing the "I wonder-what-would-happen-if-our-car-broke-down-in-the-middle-of-the-desert" worst case scenario game. I think the only "town" (if you can call it that) that we passed was Aneth, UT population is 600 according to wikipedia, but I'd say it looked more like 5. I drove part of the trip back to the hotel and we stopped right by a cowboy ( to ask if we were going the right way. I got to drive on some pretty interesting terrain BUT, it was all worth it because we stumbled upon a kind of cool phone booth. situation.


kylee said...

those navajo tacos look bomb!

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