Tuesday, September 20, 2011

not your typical college dinner...

There are so many reasons why I love senior year so far. One of my favorite reasons: I get to eat a home-cooked meal every M-Th & Sunday. I've been wanting to do a dinner schedule with my roommates ever since I got to BYU, but it never seemed to workout. I've been eating so much better already!

Each of us take a day of the week and then rotate cooking on Sundays. This Sunday was my turn. I went with a Flores Family Sunday traditional meal, green enchiladas and beans. The best thing about our roommate dinners is that they're balanced meals. We don't just have a main dish, we have a main dish, sides, and a salad. complete meal.

Top ramen noodles? Who eats those? junk food? nope? It's the greatest thing to have roommates who like to cook just as much as you do.

p.s. Why yes, my apron does say, "queen of everything."
birthday present from last year I believe...


kylee said...

this is one of the reasons i want to move out sooo bad. luckily my friend and i have a late monday night class so we always cook dinner together beforehand!

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