Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four Corners Tour: Day 1 Blanding, UT

This past weekend we had our first Living Legends tour of the season! We had a 3 day mini-tour to the four corners area. Our first stop was Blanding,UT.

We all met up at the RB on campus bright and early at 6am for a five-hour bus drive to Blanding. We performed at CEU for a small outreach program. So funny story, Janielle, our artistic director, had everyone in the native section introduce their tribe. Shelly, Sam, and I aren't native so we kind of shied away from the question BUT, someone in the audience specifically asked us to tell our ethnic backgrounds.

Our first performance was awesome and I loved being able to talk to the audience after our show to hear what they thought. I came out dressed in Jalisco for finale even though I don't dance it (yet!) but one of my favorite things to do is have the kids feel how heavy the dress is! That sucker weighs a ton.

Blanding you were so great, thanks a ton for having us!


al said...

you look beautiful! i love that dress!

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