Sunday, November 6, 2011

dress rehearsal.

We had our first show dress rehearsal on Friday. It was cut short though, because of some dance conference that was scheduled in the same room (the worst!). It gave me the chills to see how far we've come since the beginning of the semester. & I always want to cry every time we rehearse our opening number.

post rehearsal, I went out with some of my favorite girls from the group (+ Debra) to Brick Oven Pizza. We were kind of warn out from a long day of practice and cure the condition with pizza and good laughs. We talked about "tourmances" (more on that later) and can I just say, I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time.

post brick oven we had a Living Legends movie night. Can you tell we all just really love each other?


dani said...

From what I can see, I'd like to borrow some of that rack for my own personal fashion use! :)

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