Monday, January 16, 2012

Evanston, WY

1. Mejor amiga Daniela & I on the bus. 2. A colorful collection of gum in the classroom we were staying at. 3. Homework parties on tour 4. Sarah & Sam practicing their song 5 & 6 backstage during the outreach. 7. Singing Ko Tenei Te Wa 8. Trying on other sections costumes for a future surprise. 9. Cafe Rio dinner provided by our lovely sponsors. 10.Opener

I had a performance in Evanston, WY this weekend. I had never been to Wyoming before—granted I mostly stayed inside of Davis Middle School. It was the first time we had performed since 4 Corners Tour. It was a different experience this time around, we had a couple of friends join us on this tour to help out.
We're determined to make our California shows even 10 x better.


Anonymous said...

wow that's awesome, who do you perform with?

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