Monday, January 9, 2012

earthfruits yogurt.

#42 Eat @ every fro-yo place

earthfruits yogurt
notice how the bucketlist item has not been crossed off. This is because, I still have yet to visit every fro-yo place in the BYU area. Honestly, I hadn't had too much fro-yo lately. Mi mejor amiga Daniela & I decided to change this. Enter the new Monday/Lauren & Daniela FHE tradition: go out for fro-yo after practice.

first place. Earthfruits yogurt.

we liked earth fruits. they recycle. they have more toppings than i've ever seen at a fro-yo place (including different flavored mochi #winning). and they have chronicles of narnia playing so you can watch while you eat (♥). the only downside, maybe it was just the day, some of the yogurt came out mildly watery. just barely though.

i had the acai blueberry mixed with the amazon chocolate (dark chocolate love).

i'm really looking forward to future fro-yo adventures.


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