Tuesday, April 24, 2012

hello endless spring/summer.

#3 Hike the Y

Seriously, I could not have planned a better way to kick off the start of Spring.
The "Y" is a trail on Y mount that leads to the massive white "Y" painted on the side of a mountain just a couple of blocks from campus.
It's a gorgeous hike & one that I hadn't ventured since the summer before my senior year...
of high school. 

We took a hike to see the sunset and it was g o r g e o us.
top that off with:
1. A walk to Sammy's for $1 Monday grilled cheese sandwiches (I recommend you go with pepper jack)
2. An impromptu CD preview from Provo's very own rap star "B Money"
3. A ride down center street in the back of a truck
4. An attempt at making glow-in-the-dark-bubbles
5. Laying in a hammock under twinkling lights in front of the "TAJ" (one of the houses in our ward)
 & you have the PERFECT start to the beginning of a great spring/summer.


Beka said...

i know this is weird but i think i'm in your ward. i just moved in to the Bostonian 201 yesterday and the girls who lived there before said the Taj was in their ward. I'm excited to get to know everyone in the ward!

Lauren said...

ha! That's not weird at ALL.
you're definitely in the ward.
It's sad though, I don't even know where the Bostonian is!
Welcome to the ward though; it's seriously the best.

Li-Sha said...

ha! the good ol' hike the Y at SOAR. (ha. i know it stands for summer of academic refinement, but i have a lot of friends that called it students of another race. it totally cracks me up.) also i remember hiking it and just about dying. am i the only one who thinks it's hard?

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