Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nauvoo. Day 2

Day 1 was mostly spent in traveling and while I'm sure you would LOVE to read all the riveting details of my security checks with TSA, I'll spare you the details. We spent the morning figuring out our spacing for our first show. Do you see those red tops below? sure they were fine for the breezy weather of SoCal, but let me just say: red 3/4 sleeve tops + humidity. don't mix.
After our spacing was done. We had the amazing chance to take a tour of the Martyrdom trail following the general route that Joseph Smith took to Carthage. That picture there below = the last bit of road that exists from Joseph Smith's day. Definitely learned new things like how much power Joseph Smith truly held. Also found out that Boy Scouts don't know to capitalize the names of cities. 

We also had a bit of free time to experience the flats of old Nauvoo. Made a stop to the bakery tried a complimentary gingerbread cookie (delish!). Visited the cultural hall, put on a little show on the dance floor of the cultural hall for our sister missionary tour guide, Visited the family life center where we had the cutest sister missionary teach us about bread making, candle making, and clothes making. We loved our last sister missionary so much we sang "Ko Tenei Te Wa" (our classic living legend gratitude song) for her right on the spot & there was not one Poly in sight. We were pretty proud Natives & Latinos.

It was such a miracle that our show turned out so good that first night. The outdoor theatre was packed—not only with people but the skies were littered with bugs. I portray the Aztec queen for one number and have to stay still the entire dance, I could definitely feel those suckers climbing on me and flying into my eyes. It took every ounce of restraint to not slap them off my face. The temple President (President Condie) came to our show and we were so happy to talk with him again. We were blessed to have the privilege of meeting him the night before and hearing stories from a tour he went on to Germany with the group!

Oh, don't mind Katie....Home girl is crazy & we love her for it?


Beka said...

I love Nauvoo! i bet those dresses were hot too! gotta love humidity

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