Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nauvoo. Day 4

The days are zooming by in Nauvoo. & I'll have to be playing catch up for the last couple of posts. Day 4 was spent exploring historic Nauvoo. We all got prarie dog "diamond" rings made out of horse shoe nails. According to legend a Pioneer man said that no one could marry his daughter unless he presented her with a diamond ring, enter the bent horse nail. Got to give that guy props for creativity. We also took a carriage ride right after to inspiration point through woods and backroads sights.
On tour we have "secret pals." Shelly's secret pal has been giving her Mountain Dew after Mountain Dew. It's a bit of an inside joke. Back in winter semester, we were on a no sugar diet, but Shelly drank a Mountain Dew because she was so tired and needed an extra boost. She couldn't even finish one Mountain Dew back then and this time around, she's working on Mountain dew #3.
Our show this night was in Carthage and we were introduced sweet 104-year-old woman who was out having dinner with one of her first grade students. It was such a beautiful example of life long service.


Christi Lynn said...

wow how fun! i am super jealous.

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