Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happiness Galore!

10 Things that make me terribly happy: MTC edition

1. My Latino district & their awesome Spanish-influenced accents.
2. Early morning gym classes. 5:45 wakeup time + a great workout? My kind of morning
3. Running into familiar faces, even it they're only people who I just recognize from BYU campus, I run up to them and give them a big hug (or a firm handshake).
4. The sight of being surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of missionaries. We're an army over here.
5. Hearing Elders speak in broken Spanish around our classroom, trying their very best.
6. The way you can get so absorbed in missionary work that you forget about the outside world completely.
7. Long days of learning!
8. Beautiful Utah weather. It's beginning to be fall (my favorite season in Utah) the leaves are about to change colors and you can smell the beautiful rain and feel the moisture in the air.
9. Learning about the Savior. instead of focusing on things that make our church different, we really focus on Christ. He is central to ALL we do here.
10. Special sister treatment. They <3 us here. 

   There should be an MTC (Missionary Training Center) boot camp that anyone can attend. It is a wonderful piece of heaven on earth. It's a bit like BYU on steroids, if that makes sense. I LOVE it here and while originally I was frustrated by my supposed Nov 5th departure date. I'm starting to get sad at the thought that I might only be here for 3 weeks!
   My Tia Maria dropped me off right at the curb with by bright red suitcases in hand, and I was so happy and ready to face the unknown as two sweet elders helped me to wheel my luggage away. My arrival was kind of a blur a mixture of hearing echoes of "welcome sister" along with a feeling of being lost and disoriented. Just as I was being greeted by one sister, I heard someone yell out, "Lauren!" I turned around and who did I see? Sis Tevaga from Compton 1st ward! She's serving in the Philippines. We gave each other the biggest hugs (there were multiple) & she wisked me away to my room and class. I haven't seen her since.
   Life here at the MTC consists of a series of workshops and classes. Since I know Spanish, I'm in the class where we learn all about our purpose as missionaries. I always for some reason thought that we would learn how to teach about the things that make us different like the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Temples, etc. but so far our lessons have focused on Christ and how we teach others to have faith in Him and how we can draw closer to Him. It's simplistic, but beautiful.
   I have such great LOVE for my district. A district is a group of missionaries we have classes with. Everyone in my district is Latino and I love everything about us. I'll just write a brief bit about them.
Hermana Giron is my companion. She's from Georgia and half Nicaraguan, half Houndorian. She's beautiful and so sweet and kind. We get along too well.

Elder Sarmiento is from Colombia originally, but lives in Provo now. He is so knowledgeable in all things spiritual, but he's also super humble about it. He's always the first to say "thank you," for things.

Elder Aragon is originally from Mexico but also lives here in Utah now. He's this skinny lanky boy with mouse-like features but has such a funny spirit he makes us laugh!

Elder Campos is from Texas but lived in Mexico most of his life. He's just warming up to us. He prefers speaking in Spanish. He surprises us though there are moments where he just bears his testimony and it's as if doctrine is spilling out of his mouth.

Elder Allred is the leader of our district. He was born in Guatemala but was adopted at age 11. He has those typical Guatemalan features, almost Native American looking. He is impressively humble and such an example to me.

Elder Romero. Oh boy, Elder Romero is the class clown. He is the spitting image of your typical LA boy. Although he now resides in Las Vegas. He cracks us up & keeps it real.

Elder Medrano was born in Peru, but you guessed it, he lives in Provo now. He is like the younger version of my primo Ammon. He's such a hipster and reminds me of a teddy bear. He says the most colorfully awkward things & pobresito he hurt his toe and is now wearing a boot on his foot.

Elder Jijon. His last name reminds me of "It's a wonderful Life" when the young boys say, "hee-haw." Love it. He's originally from Ecuador, but now lives in Utah. He is such a spiritual giant and a sweet spirit! He's quiet but very observant and inquisitive. & He reminds me of my primo Raul! Fitting since, his companion is Elder Medrano.

   I love my district so much & it's only been 4 days. I won't bore you with any more, but I love you all! :) Te amo!

con todo el amor en mi corazon,
Hermana Flores

p.s. Little burst of happiness this week:
My companion told me that as we were walking a sis missionary said, "I am so obsessed with her outfit right now." SCORE :)


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