Saturday, September 15, 2012

A little piece of Humble pie.

 I got asked today if I was Native American. This was of course while I was wearing a name tag that completely specified that my name was Hermana Flores. Apparently that last name isn't Mexican enough. So I'm really excited today because I got my flight plans! I leave in 10 days. I fly to Houston and arrive there at 1:29 PM! Sweet Bliss! As much as I love the MTC I'm just really anxious to go to Texas. It's one thing to be practicing to teach and it's a whole another ball game. I didn't write out my letter this time, so this week's email is going to be a bunch of mumbo-gumbo. I'm sorry. Most of my time in the MTC is spent in class. We have two teachers one in the morning one in the night. I got the question today, what do you learn in the MTC if you're not learning Spanish? Well, we learn to teach by the Spirit, learn why prayer is so important, how to talk about the Book of Mormon, and how to invite investigators how to pray. I feel like I would be AWESOME at this in English, but Spanish, it's been a challenge. My vocabulary is massive in English, I know how to express myself perfectly, but Spanish, I feel so limited in my word choice. I'm working on it though, I'm saying my prayers in Spanish, and this week I wrote a journal entry in Spanish. Thankfully, my companion, Hermana Giron is esuper efluent in espanol. I don't know how to write an enye on this computer and it frustrates me. 
   I think Sundays and Tuesdays are my favorite days at the MTC although, I've only had them once so I don't have much to compare it to. Sundays are up to us to fill with spiritual goodliness. My district was a little rowdy on Sunday and so I just got inspired to ask everyone the question to everyone, "When was the first time you felt the spirit or you just knew the church was true?" I was humbled. I don't know how I got blessed with such a good life, with great parents, and incredible opportunities, but I learned to appreciate them a lot more after hearing the stories of those in my district. My application to serve a mission took such a long time, but I truly believe that they were delayed for a reason, and I think that part of that reason was so that I could be in this district so that I could be humbled by their spirits. 
   On Tuesday we had a devotional given by Elder Carlson of the Seventy. He spoke about Obedience tied in with Humility. It was definitely something that I needed to hear, not necessarily because I'm disobeying mission rules. More so, because sometimes the little rules don't make sense to me and I kind of follow them in a not so good attitude. My absolute favorite quote from Elder Carlston's talk was, "Heavenly Father has a plan for us each day. How much we harvest of that is up to us!" I love that.
  The MTC empowers you and helps you to feel as if you can share the beautiful message of the gospel with anyone and everyone. I am humbled by the circumstances of my district. How was I blessed with loving faithful parents, with a great legacy, and so much more? To be surrounded by people in humble circumstances helps me to feel charity, helps me to feel the spirit, and helps me WORK HARD.

Te Amo!

Hermana Flores

p.s. I found my twin at the MTC. Hermana Stum is from Vancouver, WA (she's going to Chile) and not only do we match sometimes, but she also happens to be double jointed from her fingers as well. :) Please don't be disturbed by our pictures, we promise it doesn't heart one bit.


Bella said...

How cool. Looks like this s going to be an awesome year for you! Glad you found your long lost twin!

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