Saturday, January 5, 2013


So not only do I apparently look polynesian (everyone in the ward I'm serving in seems to think at least one of my parents is Hawaiian), but apparently I'm also the Mexican version of Mandy Moore. My companion and I were sitting in a lesson when all of a sudden one of the girls says, "Hermana Flores, do you know who Mandy Moore is? Have you ever seen a walk to remember? Because I think you look just like her." Mandy Moore? That's new. Of course she explained, "But Hna the only difference is that she's white and you're morenita (dark)." My companion and I still laugh about that one.
   Christmas on the field was so wonderful. It's been freezing cold in Texas with powerful winds and really chilly temperatures, I feel like I'm going to get frostbite everytime I step outside. I was worried that we weren't going to have dinner appointments on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but in the eleventh hour kind of way everything fell into place and we were able to have more than enough people to visit and Christmas cheer to go around. I've never been much of a Christmas person before the mission, but this year, I felt the Christmas spirit. Because I was able to focus on nothing but the true meaning of Christmas, having Charity for my fellowmen and spreading the message of the restored gospel.
   Training is exhausting! I am Training Hna Tonga from Northern California. She is wonderful I love her, and of course with every polynesian I know we have some kind of connection, it was really fun discussing those connections. The first two days of training were exhausting and emotionally draining. I was SO tired, a little sad because I missed Hna Maughan (shoutout if you're reading this Maughskies) and Hna Canova. The first day of training I woke up and the strong realization came to me, "I'm senior companion." All of last week was spent filling in Hna Tonga not only about missionary work, but also all about our area. To say I was grateful that we kind of had two Pdays in a row this week would be an understatement. Just another tender mercy from the Lord.
   I don't have enough time to describe how wonderful the start of the week & Christmas was, so instead I took pictures. :)
Con todo mi amor,
Hnita Flores


lisi08 said...

Hernana Flores! We love and miss you so much! Let me know if you ever got the package we sent you :) Love you !

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