Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Latina Companionship se acabo.

Positive Pastimes in Pecan Park. (Hna Arcila & Hna Flores)

1. "Vine de tourista!" -Oscar in Willowcreek, on why he came to the U.S.A from Mexico.
2. Happy face pancakes from E. Tuai y E. Gardner
3. Our black cat friend in Willow Creek
4. "The <3 wants what the <3 wants." - E. Davis
5. Weigh ins w/ Hna Maria Mercedes Garcia & Griselda
6. CiCis pizza post district meeting, "herry! The kids are coming"
7. Running to catch Hna Arcila's stamps to the Philippines.
8. "I only believe in having one wife!" knocking Stillwell.
9. Hermanas 1 Satan 0, talking through our thought process at Noemi's lesson.
10. Comp inventory & cupcakes in the car. AKA Hna Flores having Pasadena withdrawals.
11. Love prophecies.
12. Meeting Carlos Quintanilla. #milagrodedios
13. President Crawford: "So what? What did we learn today?" Hna Lisyanskaya: " Love your companion, don't love the elders."
14. The time we decided to not go to zone Pday and the world ended.
15. Getting yelled at by the woman across the street for using the Elder's washer/dryer.
16. Our creeper Indian neighbors.
17. "Oh no! Not the electronic owl" -Hna Fox on hearing Justin Beiber's "Boyfriend" at the thrift store outlet.
18. An easter to remember: walking in the pouring rain, having nothing to eat, no people to teach, but still finding the good in the day.
19. Temple square missionaries vs."real" missionaries
20. Hna Fox and I's bonding session over our pen fetishes.
21. 7 miracle exchange day on my 7 month mark.
22. 3 hour hour of power birthday intervention extravaganza with President Crawford. 
23. The best HTBT lesson of my mission.
24. Thursday Lunches with the ZLs. 
25. bathrooms closed on both days.
26. Elotes on Heavenly Father. (finding $6 on the ground, and getting elotes on a rainy day)
27. La Luz Del Mundo hermanos with a quad, a healthy discussion on religious beliefs. 
28. "DELIVER US" from the Prince of Egypt blasting in the car.
29. Finding a box of unopened bag of chips on the side of the road. 
30. The sweet woman who raises/sells illegal fighting roosters.(and the puppy who became our friend, followed us, and then attacked them)
31. black mutant chicken with 6 toes.
32. Our miracle-filled Hora de Poder.

   I am writing this as I listen to an indie mix of the hymns, basically, I'm in heaven. I am so happy report that I'll be staying in Pecan Park for the next 12 weeks, because I'm training. And, this time, I'm training two brand new misioneras. Brand new as in that as I write this, they are on an airplane somewhere in the patch of sky between Salt Lake City and Houston. I am training two, and I've also been asked to serve as a Sisters Training Leader, not even sure if that's the official name. President Crawford called to extend the double training call, and then as we were saying our goodbyes he said, "Oh! I almost forgot, Sister Flores, I'm also calling to ask if you'd serve as one of our first Sister Training Leaders." Hna Arcila was silently screaming/mouthing "I TOLD YOU! I KNEW IT!" She and a couple of the Hnas had apparently been discussing the matter in great detail during a Pday Michoacana Refresqueria run. I asked President what the calling even means and he said, "Hna, I'm not even sure, the Church hasn't given us too much detail, but you know what? We're going to climb to the top of the accountability ladder and get it done."
   Hna Arcila and I saw miracles from being e x a c t l y obedient. We decided to stop treating our phone as our own personal cell phone to text our mission friends, and it made the biggest difference. We also this week really pushed for making our conversations completely purpose driven, no more daydreaming or telling pre- or post-mission stories/make-believes. We had the best week numbers wise, happiness wise, work wise, miracles wise, finding families-wise. 
  Super great quick story, Tuesday night we tried visiting a couple of people, but without much success. We decided to try a referral from Ricky, one of our investigators--his neighbor who lives upstairs. Turns out, he wasn't home either, but his next door neighbors were, Habacuc (no jives) and his wife. Habacuc lived in Compton/East LA for a bit #besties he and his wife are members of La Luz Del Mundo. We shared a bit about what we do as misioneras, spoke about our wonderful message to the world, and heard a bit about their beliefs. It was great, but we thought nothing of it. Fast Forward to Thursday night. We got a text from an unknown number, and it turned out to be Habacuc who was inviting us over to meet his brother. To our huge surprise, Habacuc's brother owns a quad (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Convenants, Pearl of Great Price), except he didn't know what it was for or what everything meant, so we helped explain things for him.
  Time is super limited today because we have to make room for my trio, clean, help Hna Arcila pack, but next time, I'll be sure to give a detailed description of each of the investigators we're working with, and about how great my companions are. We have found some great families. Sister Arcila and I built the area from scratch, all of our current investigators were not on the board 6 weeks ago. We've been working so hard, finding like crazy, and we have some great potential baptism candidates. So I'm super excited to stay here in Pecan Park.
  I love you all! I love la obra misional.

Hna Flores

                                     The box of unopened chips we found at the side of the road. 

Elotes on Heavenly Father!


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