Sunday, April 28, 2013

Training Trio numero dos.

I've decided that my favorite form of training is definitely in trios. The training trio I'm in right now reminds me so much of the trio I was trained in. Both of my trainees are 20. I'm training Hna Post from Liberty,UT and Hna Dedrick from Yorba Linda, CA. Looking at Hna Post and Hna Dedrick I can see so much of myself and Hna Canova. We're a little cramped in our Pecan Park apartment, but President Crawford's favorite phrase of the transfer has been, "we'll make it fit!" (quoting Cinderella's step sisters). 

Hna Post took Spanish at BYU from one of my friends actually, Debra Taylor. How about that for a random connection. Hna Post is Hna Canova's twin. She's quirky, and I told her in a very lovingly way that her voice reminds me of Elmo from sesame street. :) Hna Post is so sweet, she's a little bit of a perfectionist. She knows so much, but sometimes she psyches herself out, and freezes. We'll keep role-playing till she gets it down! One of Hna Post's favorite pastimes is twirling in circles in our living room so that her skirts flow out. She constantly asks questions, because she wants to make sure she's doing things the right way. Hna Post also has three of the exact same downeast shirts. Hna Dedrick and I laughed so hard because Hna Post's closet for that brief second looked like a cartoon character's you know when they open their closet and have the exact same outfits. Hna Post really is so great though, and I know that she'll grow so much in the two transfers that we'll be together. 

Hna Dedrick is silently bold. She's still trying to figure out the language, but she's really great and English contacts! Hna Dedrick also, surprise surprise is half brown. Her mom is Bolivian. Hna Dedrick is really good at asking those thought provoking questions, and I know once she has the language down, she's going to be such a powerhouse! Hna Dedrick owns so much Roxy, it's ridiculous, she went on some roxy shopping sprees before, it suits her though. We always give each other these, "knowing" looks sometimes when Hna Post does something funny. Kind of like Hna Maughan and I used to do when Hna Canova would do something funny. 

We had really great lessons this week! 
We've developed this system, we divided the points of the first three lessons, and we're taking turns every two weeks switching on who teaches what. It was a bit of a revelation I had in the shower. So grateful the idea came early on, because teaching in a trio is kind of nuts. We had really great lessons this week!

Carlos, Hna Arcila and I's somewhat miracle, accepted a baptismal date for May 4th, so we're going to be working with him on that one. Hna Post extended the baptismal date, and I was so proud of her for doing so. We mostly just need to teach Carlos the commandments, and make sure that he's reading and praying on a daily basis. 

We taught Pedro & Victoria, they're the couple Hna Fox and I taught on my 7 miracle day. Pedro is really struggling with prayer. He is so shy and refuses to say the closing prayer in lessons, saying that he doesn't know what to say, and that he simply needs more time. We also were able to deliver to him an audio CD version of the Libro De Mormon because he can't read. We committed them both to listen and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. The downside to Pedro y Victoria is that we can only meet with them once a week because of their hectic work schedules, so it's a little tough to help them progress, but I guess that's where the faith and prayers come in.

We also had a really great lesson with Mairena, a woman Hna Arcila and I found during Hour of Power. Mairena had all her children sit on the couch and pay attention to our lesson, and they are all so knowledgeable of religious things, and the bible. We are going to finish teaching Mairena about the restoration today. We left off on the Apostasy and gave her a kind of trailer preview of things to come this week. Mairena expressed to us how she felt that we really did need a restoration in these days. And when we asked if there was anything we could do to help her and her family she said, "Just please keep on visiting us." :)

I really am starting to love Pecan Park, and that's super great considering I'll be here for the next 3 months. :)

te amo times a millz.
Hna Flores


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