Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Trio down to two.

Trio Training in Pecan Park. (Hna Dedrick, Hna Post, & Hna Flores)
1. Spotting a little boy dressed as Luigi riding a scooter = miracle contact with Adela.
2. 1st HOP (Hour of Power) Hna Dedrick knocks on all the English doors, Hna Post finds sasquatch man.
3. Castro and divine discontent: You believe in Jesus Christ? Do you believe people can change?
4. Mairena and her well-versed-in-the-Bible children.
5. Exchanging "knowing" looks every time Hna Post does something funny or "scatterbrained" as she (Hna Post) calls it.
6. Blue Bell Mondays!
7. Making up stories about the people who live in houses we walk by.
8. Patricia M & her alien baby story.
9. Hna Post having 3 of the same shirt in different sizes in her closet.
10. "ooooh yeah!" -Elder Sully.
11. Antonio M. believing in Black Magic and that his TV was possesed.
12. Hour of Power miracle meeting Carlos A. who was baptized 18 years ago in Mexico.
13. The day we decided to be triplets and Hna Post got stuck in the size small shirt.
14. The time the gardener blamed us for making the devil go into his lawn mower.
15. Getting soaked in the rain, but somehow miraculously teaching 2 member present lessons.
16. Opening prayer in sacrament meeting: "Bless the Pope whom I consider to be a bishop"
17. Walter: "Hna, ju are a guuuuud missionary!"
18. Teaching the Lamberts, a family who's been inactive for 10+ years.
19. Pedro coming to church! (& loving testimony meeting)
20. Singing Disney songs till 11:30
21. "I'm naked. all. the. time." -Jared (the Garza's 8-year-old son)
22. Teaching Pedro how to read by using el LDM.
23. The time the Jehovah's Witnesses came knocking on our door. We learned nothing about what they believe, but they learned a whole lot about ours!
24. Hna Post wanting to check the mail every time we leave or come home. (Ironic since E. Davis' nickname for her is Post Master General)
25. Stepping on dog poop INSIDE a house, and said dog peeing everywhere.
26. Elder Jensen being really excited to take us to see the bread factory for the smell of warm, just baked bread.
27. E. Jensen riding as fast as he could and wanting to see just how fast it was. "How about now?" "20 mph" "now?" "20mph" "what about now?" "20mph"
28. Our down day: being delivered mustaches, oreos, and a life size captain Jack Sparrow.
29. Sunday Dinner with the Venturas.
30. Trip to the temple! Carpooling with the Venturas and having them bring picnic/gourmet lunches.
31. The time the assistants left their phone, and while picking it up from us, they ran over a curb in the 12 passenger van.
32. "Your book is NOT welcome in my house!"
33. Somehow seeing President Crawford at least once a week every week this transfer.
34. Meeting Nancy. :]

Another transfer under my belt & I'm halfway done with training the second time around. We're a little sad though, Hna Dedrick has decided to go home, so our trio will be down to two. This wasn't a spur of the moment decision, this is something we've been counseling with Hna Dedrick since the beginning. We're sad to see her go, but all is well in Zion!

The End-Start period of a transfer is always an exciting time--a clean slate. A chance to reflect on the good, the bad, and the miracles. & It's nerdy, but I especially love being able to start a new planner. I can best compare it to the thrill of buying school supplies for a new semester. I kind of really like things neat and orderly.

I'm currently most excited about teaching Pedro & Victoria, Brenda & Joaquin, and Nancy! Pedro & Victoria, it's been a while since we started teaching them, they learn at a slower pace. But, we're meeting them more than once a week. Yesterday we invited them to be baptized, and we extended the date ofJune 29th, so we're working with them towards that goal. We were nervous yesterday going in the the lesson because we knew we had to extend that baptismal date. And it was a christmas miracle because Pedro finally prayed! Granted I had to walk him through the steps in the prayer, but it was said. It was simple, but it was one of the most precious prayers I have heard on my mission. The Venturas (senior missionary couple) were there and were able to testify of the gospel and the blessings they've received in a way that Pedro & Victoria were able to understand.

Brenda & Joaquin are a part member family we're working with. Joaquin is a less active member, but they both came to church this Sunday. We made cinnamon rolls and went to their apartment before church. We have invited Brenda to be baptized before, but we just need to extend a specific date, a goal to work towards. 

Nancy is a 21 year old we found in kind of a round-about way. We were trying to find a former investigator who lives right across the street. We ended up knocking her door, but first spoke to her mother who told us we could come back. Nancy answered the door the next time. Nancy was raised catholic, but is currently at a crossroads between paganism and Christianity. The best thing about teaching Nancy is that she really questions things. She really thinks about things. She was raised in Catholic school, and she's a bright girl so she really understands what it is that her religion truly believes. When we first came back for an appointment Nancy had read through the pamphlet and had blue post-it notes with questions on every page, it was such a fun lesson to teach!

We're working hard towards a baptism! It's close, I can feel it, I just don't know where exactly it's going to come from. We will work with faith and we know that Heavenly Father will help us with the rest. 

Te amo times a millz,
Hna Flores


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