Wednesday, June 12, 2013

a companionship.

So surprise, we're actually in a companionship! Hna Dedrick ended up going home. She played with our heartstrings to the very end! :) We miss her. It took some getting used to. Hna Post and I kept feeling like we were a trio just missing a member, but we've finally gotten the hang of this companionship thing. Hna Dedrick left bright and early Friday morning. Friday was such a sad day. The last time I felt that pang of sadness was when my trainer left home. The reality of it is that all of my other companions are still here, and they probably all will be till my very last transfer. But, with Hna Dedrick & Hna Maughan, I won't be seeing them for at least another 8 months. 

Hna Post and I had some really great experiences this weekend! We taught a lesson to Milton F. We met Milton earlier this week, while trying to track down some potentials from the Hour of Power a couple of weeks before. We decided to knock Milton's door (he lived across the street). Milton is from El Salvador, he currently attends a church called "church of Christ." Creo? Not really sure. He read all of the pamphlet though, and did the additional studies at the back (NOBODY does that). He doesn't believe Joseph Smith saw God & Jesus Christ (...yet) because of the fact that the Bible teaches that God has appeared to no man. But, we extended a baptismal invitation, and he offered the closing prayer praying to know if Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ. 

Saturday afternoon, we went and tried Blanca & Luis. We met Blanca one Saturday last transfer when we were trying different approaches with door contacts. Blanca and Luis are 7th day adventists. But, we found out this week that Luis isn't really active in the church, and hasn't been for a good minute. Hna Post and I pulled up to their home, and got really nervous because we saw their driveway packed with cars. Hna Post looked at me and said, "Should we just come back another day?" We offered a prayer asking Heavenly Father for help and courage because we felt really nervous, but we went in and had an amazing experience. 

There were about 10 people in the room, Blanca, Luis, their children, their children's spouses, and their children's children. At the beginning, only Blanca, Luis, and their Son-in-law were paying any attention to us. Our meeting first started out with a debate between Luis and his Son-in-law they were arguing about whether or not he has to go to church. It was very comical. We were kind of just watching all this confusion. Luis' son-in-law, told us that he had basically just converted to 7th day Adventist to save his marriage (he was Pentecostal) & it was so funny, he told us, "I know if we would have kept living in Mexico, my wife would have become Pentecostal too!" Meanwhile, she was shaking her head in the background. 

We shared the restoration in just a couple of sentences, but the spirit was so strong. We testified of the truth boldly and powerfully, and I felt so happy in that moment to be a member of the church. When we first came in we were only speaking with Luis, Blanca, and the son-in-law, but towards the end EVERYONE was listening. There must have been like 10 people there. It was crazy. We gave pass-along cards to everybody and they invited us back. We suspect that Luis' big problem with his church has to do with tithing; his big excuse was about how tithing made religion like politics. We explained how tithing worked in our church, and how nobody was paid for their service in the church, and it stunned them all. They didn't know what to say! It was so good. So good that let's just say by the end, one of their daughters asked if she could hook me up with her brother. #awkward

Sunday, we met with Manuela & Roberto, we met Manuela and Roberto two weeks ago, while trying to contact a former investigator. They were just sitting outside and we decided to talk to them. They on-and-off-edly attend a Pentecostal church with their neighbors. They told us their neighbors had started asking them what they were doing talking to us. The first time we met Manuela and Roberto they both cried, they explained to us how their son was in an immigration facility. Roberto said that first time we met them, "I know you have the Holy Ghost, because I only cry when I feel the Holy Ghost." This week we extended the baptismal invitation, and we taught them about the Book of Mormon. Roberto loved it! He was so excited to keep on reading it towards the end. 

Other investigator updates.
1. Joaquin & Brenda broke up. Brenda moved out (of our area) and so we can't teach her. 
2. Pedro & Victoria are progressing, slowly, but surely.
3. Nancy is on vacation so we haven't been able to teach her!

I love sharing the gospel. I know what sets us apart from the rest, is that we literally don't try to "convince" people with passages of scriptures or verses from the Bible. Our invitation is simple, read the Libro de Mormon, pray to know, and let the answer change your life. I love being a missionary. I would have it no other way. 

Te amo times a millz, 
Hna Flores

Our trio & Pedro y Victoria. I love them!
We had our Missionary Leadership Council meeting in kingwood, and we had to take a crazy roundabout journey home. There was a death on the Beltway 8 and there was no other way to get home. So here we are just a happy little bunch of Sister Training Leaders while our trainees sit waiting for us in a parking lot some 20mi away. 
9 months! yay!
taken at 9pm. For realls.
The sunset was breathtaking. :)


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