Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Staying in Baytown & a little miracle story.

I have never been more excited to not be transferred. So last friday Hna St. John and I went knocking on a little tiny street in Baytown. We knocked into this woman and she answered the door in a costume.This was strange considering it was the day after Halloween, but she had a Halloween party to attend. She told us we could come back. Typical door contact nothing really exciting. After MLC, Hna St. John and I tried her, it was one of those awkward encounters: we get out of the car, she pulls up and comes to grab her mail. She told us to come right in.
We walked in and talked about normal conversation things (her sons football practice, Halloween, the weather). As we started talking to her she said, "Oh I have a sister that goes to the church on Purple sage." My thought, "great, she's confusing us with another church." To clarify things I asked, "Your sister is Mormon?" She said, "Yeah, my sister and my brother. Actually my brother is getting sealed this weekend...." We asked her what she had thought when we first knocked on her door and she said, "Well. First I was embarrassed because I was dressed up as a devil and answered the door to y'all. [so funny!] Then I called my sister to ask if she had sent y'all." (She didn't this was pure Heavenly Father)
Anyways, it was amazing, we explained what a temple was, what a sealing was, and she said, "You know, my sister tried to converts us years ago, and I didn't understand. But, she wanted us to get sealed! She invited us to church because she loves us." Meanwhile her son 9-year-old Rolando is interjecting in the background, "I want to get sealed! I want to get baptized!" As we were heading to our dinner appointment we left Alejandra (we'll call her that) and her son Ruben with pamphlets. Ruben grabbed the pamphlet and said, "I'm keeping this in my room and I'm reading this EVERYDAY." Hna St. John and I were bewildered. We were positively beaming as we walked to the car and as soon as we stepped into Niña de Oro (our car) we started screaming and looked at each other and said, "Did that really just happen?" There also might have been some Wicked playing in the background of my mind. :) We had a return appointment Thurs, but it fell through... Don't worry, there are too many connections/coincidences for us not to go back.
I feel so grateful to stay in Baytown for at least 5 more weeks. I am enamored with everything about this place. Yesterday we were in PEC and I was just filled with gratitude to be serving with the strong leaders of the Texas Branch. We reported on a less active we had visited, one who didn't even live in our area (long story) who's mother had passed away, and without delay our branch president turned to his counselors and said, 'What time today can we go visit this brother?'" The branch is changing it's vision of hastening the work of salvation and I'm so blessed to be a part of it. Oh yeah, 5 more semanas in Baytown!
Te amo,
Hna Flores

Familia Carvajal. Hna is one of my favorite cooks in the branch!
The cutest puppy ever. at a potentials home. I'm obsessed with the furry friends of Houston.
planner for last transfer. plus the shnazzy carpet from the Baytown library.


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