Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Boiling Crab.

I was looking at all the things I've posted since I've been home and realized, everything revolves around my mission. There are worse things to be obsessed with! & I promise, I'm coping. I'm doing normal things. I like normal life.

kind of.

Last week I went out to The Boiling Crab with some High School friends. I think something must have happened to my taste buds down south, because I came back liking seafood. Okay, just shrimp. I still can't stomach the idea of oysters or squid or octopus.

I was a first timer at the Boiling Crab! It's literally a hands on experience. We're talking no utensils, bibs, and parchment covered tables. We joked, that it may not be the best place to take someone on their first date.

Favorite thing about the place, there was little pieces of my home away from home, a neon sign that said, "Louisiana Crawfish", gumbo, cajun decor. I can't help that things that remind me of my mission just find their way of creeping into my life...


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