Thursday, May 8, 2014

It hasn't even been two months...

But, I had to get myself back to T.H.E Mission. It was a spontaneous kind of trip. I think Daniela's ways of making travel plans in an 11th hour kind of fashion is really starting to rub off on me. Mostly, I went down for Dionicio's baptism. 

If you remember, I was transferred to Lake Charles, LA the last three months of my mission and switched to serve English speaking. While I may have been called to speak English, I actually ended up teaching a good amount of Spanish-speaking lessons. 

The Lord's hand is in all things.

The baptism was wonderful, it actually turned out to be quite the bilingual baptism because the daughter of a semi Spanish speaking family in the ward also was baptized. I felt like I had never left. & I'm so grateful that I was able to return sooner rather than later.

While in Lake Charles I HAD to make a stop at Tony's Pizza with Melissa (<3). Kind of embarrassing, but the workers definitely recognized me. Guess that goes to show how much my companions & I enjoyed it there.
^^Showed my mother around town stopping at all the cutest little shops in the area.^^

^^added my own entry on the local, "Before I die I want to..." wall.
^^Tried to fill up that empty place in my stomach that had been missing bluebell!
^^Went to Melissa's softball game. They ended with a home run!

Sunday & Monday were spent in lovely Pasadena & Baytown texas. I left little pieces of my soul in those places.  
^^I got to see 4 out of 5 of my companions out in the field! :) So grateful considering Sis Muñoz^^
doesn't get back till next January! (saddest thing!)
Oh & if you thought my awkward missionary photo days were over...
they're not.

Let's do this again soon Tejas/Louisiana!


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