Saturday, January 17, 2015

the lambs in my life.

I know Christmas break is long gone, but this week's devotional got me thinking about these beautiful girls.

I first met these girls this summer when I went as a night owl to girls camp, they all go to the Spanish ward in my stake. Since coming home from my mission, a Spanish ward shaped space has formed in my heart. Literally my first day home for Christmas break, I asked my parents, "um, can we go to the Spanish ward this Sunday?"

I grew to love these girls so much over the summer. My heart was smiling when I went to visit their ward and I got hugs on all sides and offers of spicy Mexican candy. It was at that moment that this idea formed in my head and I thought, "we need to host a game night!" These girls have some of the most powerful testimonies, some of them are the only members in their family. I feel so blessed to know them (& have them as friends on insta!). They are a few of the precious lambs in my life. Y'all are probably thinking, lambs? what?

This Tuesday, Elder Don. R. Clarke of the First Quorum of the 70 came to BYU to give a devotional on living the gospel in its simplest form—pure religion. E. Clarke shared with us ways that we could practice pure religion and one was "help lambs." He noted that in John 21:15-16 Christ first instructs Peter to feed his lambs and secondly to feed his sheep. Lambs E. Clarke noted, are the youth of today.  He explained, "when Jesus had his conversation with Peter, it is interesting that his first counsel to Peter was to 'feed my lambs.' The Savior knew that if we keep the lambs, we won't have to look for the lost sheep."

I'm pretty convinced that these precious girls will do more for me than I can ever do for them. They are such a light and I love their sweet spirits. I'm so grateful that they are a part of my life.

Who are the lambs placed in your life?


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