Sunday, January 11, 2015


I got up bright & early 
and scrubbed the bathroom tub.

I have been wanting to do that since I first moved in!
The shower walls and tub were more grimey
than I care to admit.

I listened to the latest LatinoUSA episode
as I sprayed chemical upon chemical
(Kaboom, bleach, scrubbing bubbles—the works)
as I tried to use a cleaning rag
to wipe in circles black residue & soap scum
that hadn't been cleaned 
in who knows how long.

Cleaning brings me happiness.
I think it has something to do with my OCD tendencies
and love of order.

I also took an IKEA trip with two of my roommates.
The motive: purchasing a new duvet cover.
It was high time.

I bought the cheapest one I liked, 
which I think turned out to be the cheapest one overall.

I'll admit, it was sad to see the other duvet cover go.
We had been through a lot together.
It was well worn out with makeup stains
and faded colors from years of travels through the spin cycle.

That Serena&Lily duvet cover saw me through sleepless nights.
Nights where I anticipated adventures to come
& nights where I couldn't get my mind to stop thinking stressful thoughts.

I had thought that I would purchase a new duvet cover at the beginning of the school year, 
but sometimes these things don't quite
workout as planned.

Sometimes, the dates don't match up
& you end up buying your new duvet cover the 1st Saturday of your second semester of instead of the first.
I'm fine with that.
Life wouldn't be as entertaining 
if everything worked out
according to plan.

the old-timer.
Don't let the poor lighting fool you,
it needed to go.



Cambria said...

haha!! I love this. Thank you for sharing.

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