Thursday, April 23, 2015

Law School is...

For the past school year, this beauty of a desk has greeted me every morning at 8:30.
Saying "farewell for now" to my law school classmates today was the saddest thing and felt oddly similar to memories of high school graduation.
I was in a bittersweet funk for a better part of the first half of the day.

Coming to Law School has been one of the greatest decisions of my life thus far. I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it is to be HERE! The professors, the courses, my fellow 1Ls. I'm feeling really nostalgic about the whole thing right now and can't believe my first year is done! I haven't been the best about posting moments, but I thought I would kind of do a collective "catch-all" of how amazing my year has been. :)
Ms. Caruso for the plaintiff (the greatest trial partner I could have) and Ms. Flores for the plaintiff 
The building where I live; I mostly just sleep in my apartment
Dinner party upon dinner party with the greatest people
Being treated to a Chinese dinner by Laura who used her $50 chow mein eating contest gift card to spoil us
Fancy caravans to Salt Lake in the Toyota Sienna, complete with take home centerpieces
The view from our luncheon of one of the happiest places on earth!
Fulfilling our lifelong dream of making "#1 lawyer mugs" after watching this documentary based on a case we read in Torts.
Movie nights where we'd watch movies that were referenced in class. cough cough Minority Report, cough Princess Bride.
Finding my long lost sister and having mini panic attacks every time a professor said, "Ms. Flores"
When life gives you law school finals...
We saw the greatest things in Crim law.
AA's army. We have a special place in our heart for our Torts professor.
The greatest greasiest apple fritters known to mankind. 
Partying at the Barrister's Ball (aka Law School Prom) with some of the most wonderful people you will meet!
We had class shirts made. On the back are written the words, "not yet admitted to the bar." It's a bit of an inside joke with our class because during orientation, our Dean explained that after graduating that's what his "title" so to speak was.

Lauren Flores, not yet admitted to the Bar. :)
Guys, I'm officially a 2L!


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