Tuesday, June 28, 2016

a catch up. because it's the end of june ///

i have panic attacks about parallel parking--it's part of the reason i hate venturing to LA or any city in southern california. that and narrow streets. i'll say 2014728156983 prayers out loud every time i'm headed out, "please bless that i find the perfect spot. that there's an actual parking lot. or that i can make the how-to from pinterest a reality."

occasionally, i get my big girl pants on and decide to actually venture to fun places to do fun things with my fam and friendsss. nothing a little beyoncé plus pep talk in the car can't cure. you think i'm joking.

anyways, no time like the present to play a fast paced game of catch-up, so scroll baby scroll!

// a really delicious freshly-picked orange from right outside katie's house. if i could be so lucky.
// went to sea world. complimentary tickets for teachers? use all the perks!!!!!!!
// lavender bundles, from an organic farm somewhere along highway 150 in ojai.
// avocados from one of the canyon's on katie's ranch. katie lives the dream life. why even try?
keep scrolling!

in may we celebrated mothers day at church. skyped with elder quesada flores. & went to an evening with diane guerrero (janethevirigin!!!!!!!!) where she talked about her memoir and the deportation of her parents.

also in may we said farewell to my abuelita. a roadtrip to utah ensued. it was the greatest family reunion the flores have ever seen. ALLTHECOUSINS! baked potato bar! homemade pupusas! homemade elotes! uno! laughing. spontaneous birthday cakes. wut? leave it to my abuela to have the coolest departing-this-earth weekend.

beginning of june = misden's birthday! 26 never looked so good. mini high-school reunion. how is it that it's been eight years, but we're still as awkward as we were at 15, maybe even more?? we brunched hard at recess eatery. the weather was hothothot i melted in places i didn't even know i could sweat from, but anything for a good photo op. ignore the dead arms.

but wait, there's more! scrolly scroll scroll.

// went to a dodgers game. dodger dogs y u so expensive! oh, look my parents in front of a giant bobblehead.
// never has a more accurate picture been taken of the flores family.
// eggs benedict are my weakness. eat all the carbs!

went to sea world. atlantis broke down twice. where are the dolphins in that ride, the medusa head, the shaking on the elevator? am i making that up? someone confirm. please! it's killing me, and a midnight google-ing session on the subject has failed me. it's true.

lastly went to visit ex-roommate katie. my second red-headed roommate named katie. she lives outside of la in a small little stretch of land named piru on a ranch where they grow oranges + avocados + lemons + grapefruit. i came home with a bag of beautiful avocados. free99! take that sprouts. we went to a avocado growers appreciation barbeque. i was a very grateful plus one. PERKS. afterwards we drove to ojai to tour a lavender farm and checked out their lavender festival. pretty smelling purple flowers, grandma boutiques, + weirdly infused lavender food sign me up!

the end.


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