Monday, June 27, 2016

"what have you been up to, lauren?"

a list of -eds and -ings because parallelism is overrated* 


:: ordered eggs benedict three brunches in a row from here. here. and here. (for the record, s&w's was the best!)

:: invested in a scale—[probably because of the above]

:: rediscovering the glory of gilmore girls, and wishing I could attend every festival-carnival-celebration that Stars Hollow/Emily Gilmore has ever thrown.

:: avoiding LA traffic like it's the bubonic plague because CAR-mageddon. I'm looking at you 5. 405. and 101. bolded exclamation point.

:: acting like newport beach is my assigned temple because... (see above)

:: coming to a political awakening. also looking into alternative party affiliations and possible write-ins for president. can i make my own party? more importantly can i call it the fiesta-party. double the party, double the fun.

:: becoming the queen of breakfast and taking full advantage of a pantry and spice racks that don't have grad school budget restraints.

:: attending the local spanish ward and pretending I know how to play the piano. sidenote: thankfully, the relief society room's piano has prerecorded songs because a poor wayfaring man of grief is still my boss.

:: getting into fights with the rooster who lives next door. his 5 am booty calls are getting old real quick. update: the rooster, all four hens, AND the chihuahuas have all mysteriously disappeared one day after i yelled 'shutup!' at them from my bedroom window.

:: working as a part-time math tutor...for my brother. i'm compensated in the form of teenage frustration + homemade popcorn. win-win?

:: pulling off my lips twice a day & feeling distrubingly fascinated by the similarity of the skin from my lips and a snake's freshly shed skin. tmi? #accutane

:: sporting the hottest threads: sweats, baseball shorts, old concert tees, my brother's t-shirts + a high bun + NOMAKEUP #thnkuaccutane #drkskinblessings

:: driving through the streets downtown LBC twice a week and giving in to thug-life urges of listening to a bit of snoop dogg, old school r&b, and maaaaayyyybe took out my lil' bow-wow cd. doggy bag circa 2001.

:: pretending i have a second place of residence in huntington beach.

:: coming to terms with my lactose-intolerancenessness and feeling srsly so blessed that i live in the age of chewy vanilla lactaid pills.

you made it to the end!
go you!
(somehow cheering you on just felt like the most appropriate way to end)


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