Friday, November 18, 2016

Kansas City, I'm SO In Love.

I am VERY behind the times. I can't tell you how many times I've had the thought to update this blog with life adventures, but other things get the best of me--namely endlessly internet searching when I want to do nothing that requires serious thinking.

This post documents a trip I took to Kansas City, Missouri way back in September (guys. thanksgiving is DAYS away--which means gilmore girls!). I went with students from the MPA program for a conference. I love exploring different parts of the U.S., and I really did fall in love with Kansas City. 
We had sort of a turbulent flight, but the lover of natural disasters in me was such a fan. Flying through a lightning storm is the greatest.

On Sunday, we visited Church History sites. For those who may not be familiar with LDS Church History, Independence, MO was home to a big community of Mormon Settlers in the early 1800s. There was a great deal of persecution that the early Saints experienced here, culminating in an extermination order and Joseph Smith being thrown in jail. Despite the sad-rimmed history here, Missouri still has a special spirit about it.
^^Hotel roommates!
The Entrance to Liberty Jail, a.k.a. where Joseph Smith was incarcerated
Kansas City Temple also, how many MPAs does it take to work a selfie stick?
Fancy photos before a fancy dinner we had Sunday evening.
^^This wall is apparently an Instagram hotspot in Kansas City. I had found an article listing it as an Instagram worthy spot, and we just so happened to walk past it on the way to a burger joint.

Okay, if you've been a faithful reader of my blog, you know I have a special affinity for baseball. Way back in 2012 (pre-mission) when I was in Living Legends, my family came to see our show in Nauvoo, IL, BUT they also went to see a Cardinals and Royals game...without me. Yeah, it still stings. 

So, this time around there was NO way I was going to miss a ballgame this time around so I found really cheap (but surprisingly great) tickets on Stubhub, worked out a way to get from our hotel to the à la public transportation, and convinced people to come with. 

Last ballgame of the season, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience!
^^This is a face of genuine happiness on my face because of the beauty that is below.
^^french fries + pulled pork + onions + bbq sauce + pickles + sweet corn (because I asked told the vendor the program guy had told me should would hook it up, and she did!) +jalapeños (my addition).  BEST. BALLPARK. FOOD. EVER.
^^I die every time I see this picture!
^^We made friends with the sweetest Black women working at the Ice Cream parlor. I may or may not have started some feisty words though because I made a comment about how I wasn't a chocolate fan. "How you gonna not like chocolate, but then you gonna order cookies n' cream." It all went downhill from there. There was laughter, banter, some mmmhhhhms, but my favorite part was when a worker I had made friends with said, "Leave my friend alone! She's from Utah, we're probably related!" Ha! If only she had known the truth—Straight Outta Compton. 

Kansas City was a dream. I only wish I had had more time to eat at all the barbecue places, and explore the museums, and Adam Ondi Ahman, and more instagram walls (kidding). But really, I need to go back to Kansas City, if for nothing more than those beautiful pulled pork french fries at the ballgame. 


Rachel said...

I went there last summer and it is such a surprisingly wonderful city! My favorite was Union Station.

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