Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thanksgiving con los Flores

Growing up, there was a period of time where we'd take road trips to Utah during Thanksgiving. For one reason or another, this tradition fizzled out. It had been a long time since we had gotten together with the Flores side of the family during a holiday, but when my abuelita passed away in May, it just felt like the right time. This time around, the family came to California.

I felt sleep deprived for a lot of the trip, so these pictures do not contain everyone who was there.

^^Just a fun little centerpiece My Mom and I threw together for the festivities^^

^^Of course the boys all hung out in my brothers' room. Old gaming systems for the win!
^^These two!!!! 😍  our little half-mexican half-asian babies! Love them to pieces!
^^For some reason, Milis still hasn't warmed up to me. Maybe it's the fact that we're kind of birthday twins??
^^We had food FOR days. Seriously four times the quantity of every side dish you could think of
^^It was also Joshua's birthday, but his older brother sliced himself a piece of the cake before I could frost it. Ben seems to find himself involved in a lot of cake-involved incidents
^^Day after thanksgiving I came to find my Tio and Tía making tamalas bright and early. There's a reason I gained 5 pounds or so from three days home. See above.

We went to Placita Olvera the day after thanksgiving, because where else do Mexicans take their out of town family??
^^You can't visit the hood without having a ghetto dog. Must do.
^^& of COURSE we had to hit up the Alameda swapmeet, because: #mexicans
^^On Saturday we went to see Moana + walked around the mall + and topped it off with five guys. Also, notice my Tio and Tía's matching ponchos. 



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