Thursday, December 29, 2016

a love letter: friends

Oi vey this semester! I have been spending my days of winter break eating my weight in chips and my Mom's homemade salsa (I finished all of her green salsa by myself over a period of three days). I severely neglected to update this blog. Honestly, anytime I even thought about starting to update my little slice of internet, I would feel guilty and instead try to be productive doing other things.

This post is a heartfelt love letter to my friends who made this semester bearable.
Highlights include (but are not limited to):
- A DIO (do-it-ourselves) resurgence where we made phases of the moon tees
- Heart attacking Kelly's room with tissue paper hearts laden with pickup lines
- Ashley's melt in your mouth thai tacos from with a peanut sauce straight from heaven
- Sunday walks/hikes with Alyssa
- Crashing a wedding with Kiersten
- Impromptu house-sitting girls night after I'd gone to pick up my debit card forgotten in a restaurant in SLC

I was pretty horrible at responding to texts sometimes, and I couldn't always stay to enjoy the full length of birthday-camping-wedding activities. Friend time is definitely getting a higher priority next semester. After a pages upon pages of digesting case law, balancing grad school assignments, and squeezing internship/work time into my week it would have been pretty easy to just slip into pjs and go into vegetable mode with Netflix. I admit this did happen on occasions! But, really I couldn't have asked for a greater support system than friends who kept inviting me and including me in fun plans despite the madness of my life.


p.s. I leave you with this funny anecdote from the beginning of the semester. One weekend Kelly went out of town and was feeling sort of down. Lys and I decided to write the quirkiest LDS-themed pickup lines on paper tissue hearts to shower her bed. We also recruited two of our friends to take "seductive" pictures we could leave for her to find. To give them inspiration we googled the following.
thanks to Ray & Russell for being the greatest male models we could have dreamed of!


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