Saturday, February 18, 2017

looking back on Faces of 97.

Do you ever get this profound sense of project idea overload? There are too many things I want to do with my life and not enough time. I want to tell the beautiful stories of fearless individuals, but I also want to work in the legal landscape. I want to plan and host really amazing gatherings and travel the world. I wish I had all the time in the world to craft and learn to take beautiful photographs and edit podcasts. In short--I want it all. 

I distinctly remember a time when I was six or seven, and I had the sad realization that there was no feasible way for me to do all the things. I had dreams of being an olympic swimmer but also a ballet dancer but also a singer but also really good at the piano but also be president of the United States. It was a crushing thought; if there's anything I'm looking forward to in eternity, it's the infinite amount of time to perfect all my talents and gifts. 

Faces of 97 was one of my many fond projects. I regret that this year I haven't been able to be as faithful to the project (& this isn't necessarily my way of saying I won't be continuing the project anymore). The project has metaphorically left the back-burner and somehow ended up spilled on the kitchen floor. 

Storytelling and interviewing still continues to be a great love of mine, but sometimes the medium or form may change. I'm grateful to everyone who jumped in the handcart and helped me make Faces of 97 possible. 

To Lauren--for letting us film in her cute little house + for being a fabulous co-interviewer
To Arielle--who lent her time and talent in the form of filming and video editing & for listening to my jumbled idea and really helping to piece the idea apart and make it work.
To Russell-who helped create a little logo for the cause!
To Chase--for stepping in when Arielle moved out of the ward 😢 and really being the one to suggest we reboot
To Meg--for helping with video editing and encouraging me that this was a good idea

I couldn't have made Faces even 1/2 of what it became without the help/support of these humans!! I will be gone for a majority of the remaining Sundays left in this semester, so the likelihood of new Faces of 97 coming out from now till then is slim, but there is this glimmer of hope called spring + summer. 

& in true Lauren Flores fashion, I have another project swirling in my mind like the leaves in the Pocahontas colors of the wind segment [you know the one!]. That other project feels timely and sort of is taking precedence in my mind in a nagging, can't ignore type of way. 

I'll always have some sort of Faces project going on. I love the word and the concept much too much to let it wither into insignificance. 

Here's to a plethora of projects and the people who make it all possible!


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