Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Levels of Attraction

Last night my roommates and I decided to put together a list defining the levels of attraction and examples of guys for each one. This is what we came up with, I think it's pretty Solid if I do say so myself.
Levels of Attraction
by a significant amount of research compiled by Lafayette 27.

Step 1: Cute

Michael J. Fox circa Back to the Future as Marty McFly.

Benny the Jet Rodriguez ( who cares what his real name is?)

Step 2: Pretty

Aaron Samuels (once again, who cares what his name is?)

Step 3: Handsome/ Beautiful

James Marsden

Christian Bale

Step 4: Fine.

Matt Damon

Step 5: Sexy

James Franco.

Step 6: Hot. [a.k.a. Megan Fox]

Cristiano Ronaldo (& he's not even shirtless.)

all of the above

Hugh Jackman & Johnny Depp


Leanna said...

ummm I lOVE this. so much!

Chelsea said...

We are so good at such scientific research. And I love the photos.

Alaskachick said...

Oh yes, its deffinetly Solid!

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