Friday, February 12, 2010

My room is not messy; it is an obstacle course designed to keep me fit.

Welcome to the worst week of my sophomore year existence to date.


(my room was the messiest it's ever been!)

It started out with a BANG, I got 81% on three tests this week. count them 1. 2. 3.

I had a suprisingly heavy workload this week.

Oh & thurs. I lost my planner.
It's funny because just a week before I had been telling everyone how I would die if I lost my planner.
Thankfully I have a second planner, so although I felt utterly lost for oh about a night, I'm back on schedule.

Which reminds me, enough with the negative, onto the p o s i t i v e.

1. My article was front page news.
In a campus desk meeting about two weeks ago I pitched an idea for a front page devoted solely to BYU slang.
The best feeling in the world: hearing people you don't know talk about how funny your article was.
[it looks better in the paper, scans to follow later.]

2. Wed night. I got a package filled with a bunch of these lovely little valentines.
My mom is the cutest and I lover her to pieces.

3. I got a letter from one of my favorite missionaries Elder Frost.
:] complete with a are my favorite for future reference.

If there's one thing you should know about me, it'd be that I can't stay pessimistic for too long; It's against my nature.

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Shorty Cursive said...

dude, your valentine to cute!
i love you and hope february goes better for you :]
xo. d.

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