Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kirsten says the darndest things....

Kirsten Hot Mika, aka my roommate, has a tendency to say the funniest things.

Don't be fooled by her red hair, she's a blonde in disguise.

Examples (and there are many)

- "Quadroon?? ...I've never seen that on a SAT form." -Kirsten on a newfound race
- "Oh...quick, there's only one hour left on my milk."
- I wonder if I keep my corn in the microwave long enough, if it'll pop like popcorn.


Chelsea said...

This makes Kirsten seem a lot less intelligent than she actually is.
But she DOES have a tendency to say the darndest things.

Jenny said...

hahahah i love you guys:) thanks for skyping me tonight!

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