Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mum's the word.

fun fact: I cried when my mom cut her hair that short. :]

My mother is my best friend. She is the perfect combination of patient parent and nurturer. I don't believe in the phrase "my mom is the best." There is no best mom, there is simply, the perfect mother for me. I truly believe that everyone's mom is the "best mom" for them. Being in the same family is no coincidence.

I will forever be grateful for the influence of my Mother in my life. She understands me and loves me unconditionally, but she also knows just when to lay down the law. In the recent years, I've had more and more people, especially at church tell me that I have a wonderful mother and believe me I know. My mom is the greatest example in my life and she is passing down to me some pretty big shoes to fill along with a legacy of patience and love.

As the years have gone by, I've realized more and more that Mother's day is a holiday for everyone. Sure, only mother's are publicly recognized, but for me it's more of a thanksgiving-ish holiday where I can express thanks and reflect on blessings on the wonderful women who have shaped my life.

To all the mothers in the world, may you enjoy your day and may you keep being wonderful.

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delaney said...

great post! i love mamas :)

ps i listened to your suggestion and drew robert and judy! i posted the pic if you wanna check it out!


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