Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mexico is wonderful, but mostly Mexico is a reality check. It reminds me of how blessed and fortunate I am to be in my particular circumstances.
I had an amazing opportunity today to visit primaries in little branches nearby Celestun, Mexico. These church members literally meet in houses and I was deeply humbled. A meeting house for church is something that I usually take for granted and while I knew that branches holding their meetings in homes existed, it was never a reality for me. The faith of these members was out of this world and a big part of me just wanted to move to the pueblito and live right there with them.
The children were amazing. I absolutely adore little kids, anyone who knows me personally can attest to this fact. They are my favorite and I could talk to them for hours. We got to play games with the kids and give them toys and soda and snacks. I wanted to pack them in my suitcase with me. This trip inspired me and definitely added to my testimony.
wishing you inspiration.
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Brooke Self said...

cute post! I love the little ones too! I just want to hold them and squeeze them LOL.. and I can't imagine the conditions, we def. blessed here. =)

mojo2cool said...

Brings back memories. Thanks for the pictures.

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