Saturday, October 16, 2010

a documentary & a reunion of sorts.

A Tongan boy in my ward (church congregation) back home told me a bit of advice his father had given him.
He said, "son, marry a Mexican girl because if you do, you'll come home to good cooking everyday."
Wise, wise man.
It's kind of in a Mexican girl's blood to be a good cook. It's not like we're trained or go to school for it, it just comes to us naturally; kind of like Polynesians are born with great vocals. It's a gift God blessed our culture with.

I held fiesta's last year, and my former roommate Chelsea asked if she could film me making a dish I had never made before and a dish that represented my culture. I chose Pan de Muertos seeing as it is the Halloween season. I'll admit, I was nervous, but it turned out AMAZING. It was perfect. We have nicknamed it the orange-rootbeer bread because it's made with orange zest & anise seed, which smells exactly like old fashioned rootbeer. weird?

It was a long process, but well worth it, & it was felt so good to see my old roomies!

the line-up.




the filmmaker.



Hope your Saturday was just as fun filled!

All of my


Chelsea said...

awww Lauren you old softie! This was such a nice post haha. And I love the photo of me interrogating the bread. <3

Anonymous said...

mexican women are amazing period ;)

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